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Angry Birds Rio

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Download Angry Birds Rio for PC Full Game Free

Angry Birds Rio is the second game in the series and is based on the movie named ‘Rio’. You can download full version of this game for PC free from the link given at the end of this page. The gameplay of Angry Birds Rio is different than the first game. In the first game your job was to destroy all the pigs on a given level to complete that level but in Angry Birds Rio you have to help the birds that have been captured and caged to become free.

The setting of the game is from the movie Rio and all the characters from Angry Birds have been ported to the situation in the Rio. The movie shows that two rare birds, blue macaws have been kidnapped and are being held in cages. You find that this is happening to a lot of the birds and your job is to free all of them. Download Angry Birds Rio Free for PC from the link given at the end of this article.

The gameplay is similar to the first Angry Birds game where you slingshot the birds and collapse the structures. But instead of destroying the pigs like in the first game you will be using the slinging birds to free the captured birds and in the later levels destroying the monkeys. These are not the only differences in the game. Many new additions have been also made in the gameplay department. The structures were rigid in the first game but you will see some flexible structures and structures which sway when you hit them. Some irritating hanging structures are also present which will throw your birds in the wrong direction if they come in contact with them. Some things like the chains that hold platforms will help you more in destruction. If you hit one of the chains then it will break and due to the effect of the gravity it will hit other nearby structures destroying them. Keep reading to know how to Download Angry Birds Rio Free for PC.

Some new additions like rubber rings and mushrooms that are lying on the ground have also been introduced and they will help your birds and any other item that falls on them to bounce back. These may not be the biggest additions but they do make the game a more enjoyable one. The monkeys will be scrambling to keep from getting killed and sometimes they survive by moving around. They will make scared sounds as you start to destroy everything around them. The animations have also been improved like the ones when you free the birds that are caged. The link given at the end will let you Download Angry Birds Rio Free for PC.

One of the changes that will you will notice is the addition of the boss fight at the end of the chapter. This may be due to the fact that the game is based on the movie and in the movie you may see a boss fight at the end. A big white bird flying around is shown in the last level of the chapter and you need to use all the items and birds available to you to destroy it. The bird won’t die immediately and you need to keep hitting it to weaken it and finally destroy. The two rare macaws are also available in this final level to be used. Angry Birds Rio for PC is also being supported for future updates just like the previous game with new chapters and levels. This means a lot of fun time even after you finish the main chapter. Following link will let you Download Angry Birds Rio Free for PC.

Download Angry Birds Rio Full Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download the game from any of the link above and Extract the file
    2. Install the game using AngryBirdsRioInstaller_1.4.2.exe
    3. Extract the Crack file and copy both the files from it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Rovio\Angry Birds Rio or C:\Program Files\Rovio\Angry Birds Rio
    4. Start game and click “Activate Full Version” and type anything in the serial number box and hit register.
    5. Play the game.

    Update: All non working links have been removed and New and working links have been added today (10th March 2012)… New version of the game i.e. Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2 has been added for download.. Enjoy!!!

    • shelly says:

      u only give me a serial no

      • Jenny says:

        this is the serial number

    • morakot says:

      i likes this

      • Akash says:

        i LOVE THIS GAME

  2. khel says:

    nice games …

  3. Mavisas says:

    howdy, superb amazing game! one for my favorites..

  4. daetymz says:

    will give it a go, thanks

  5. vj03 says:

    thanks for the up. works!!

  6. sped says:

    I know what I’ll be doing all night now. :) Thanks!

  7. beaverbreath says:

    how do you install the patch?

    • sped says:

      Open patch.exe, click patch, locate angrybirdsrio.exe in program files/ Rovio. done. don’t forget to copy serial in serial.txt before you play so you can paste it.

      • Aniket gaur says:

        i am unable to get the activation key kindly let me know how to get it

      • admin says:

        you need to patch the game first then enter the key given in Serial.txt file

  8. GM44 says:

    I had to restart the PC, now it is working fine!

  9. JeroenH says:

    Thanks, works good

  10. loaf says:

    Cheers and thanks

  11. kimimBen says:

    thanx for this. really addictive game.

  12. Barneyx says:

    Have it on my iPhone and its just pure fun. Playing it now on PC and its good.

  13. MisterY says:

    Amazing! Been waiting for this. Thank you

  14. fasteddie says:

    Install. Don’t play yet. Install the patch, you may have to browse
    to the .exe file. Disable your internet. Then start the game and
    activate with the key given. It wouldn’t activate for me until I disabled my internet.

    Great game so far!

  15. Dreadit says:

    Thxs for the post. loving the game very much. Angry birds rock !!!

  16. mrlin says:

    Many thanks :w00t:

  17. dp says:

    thank you for posting the updated game with the new levels I was looking for it.

  18. jlbo says:

    Thank You so much! :D

  19. mudduck says:

    awesome addicting game thanks for the up.. from the looks of it more levels will be added in the future so will be a long game.. woot

  20. JDubRox says:

    Great game. I request u to post if new updates are released.

    • kos77 says:

      I m sure they will upload the updated game when its released.

  21. MUHAMAD says:


  22. kai says:

    my pc is showing error ‘direct sound create failed8′ after clicking the icon of angry birds which i installed.
    Also i’m not able to open the patch file. Its showing WinRAR error.
    Please help!

  23. angelo dalagan says:


  24. BUNNNNNN says:

    WEW I fery fery hapy

  25. Amit Prasad says:

    very cool game “i liked it gameeee…”

  26. norhayati says:

    i love this games

  27. megat says:

    u don like angry birids

  28. hanshad says:

    please give me the seriel key of angry birds

  29. chrizz says:

    i don know how to download..please help me..

    • admin says:

      just click on the link given above a new windows opens and links will be shown. use one of the links to download and then follow the instructions to install and play.

  30. neel says:

    i like it a game angry birds

  31. rachit says:

    you only give me serial number

    • admin says:

      just type 123456…. till the register button appears and then click register that’s it.

  32. Madhukar says:

    Nice Game………….

  33. sakib says:


  34. andrei says:

    so the game is amazing

  35. boret says:

    how to get patch angry bird ???????????

  36. mahendrachouhan says:

    angry bird game is fine

  37. pawan says:

    so good …………

  38. dilah_donk says:


  39. santosh sulakhe says:

    thanks for a nice game

  40. ekambararao p says:

    very much interesting for children

  41. thiru says:

    link is not suports. thank you

    • admin says:

      Thank you thiru. WE have removed the non-working links and added new ones. Enjoy!!

  42. sohaib says:

    ;) nice game

  43. RANJIT says:

    nice game

  44. sagar says:

    Superb and i like it from childhood

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