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Angry Birds Seasons for PC PC Download

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Angry Birds Seasons PC Free Download

Angry Birds Seasons for PC is the new game released in the Angry Birds series. The game is not any kind of sequel to the previous games but actually it’s just a game released as levels specific to a certain festival are added to it like Christmas or Halloween. Full version of Angry Birds Seasons can be downloaded for free from the link given at the bottom of this page. Rovio are the developers of the angry birds series.

For those who are unaware of a phenomenon called angry birds, it’s the most downloaded game developed for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Due to its immense popularity on the mobiles Rovio have developed PC version of all the games from the series. Angry Birds for PC, Angry Birds Rio for PC and now Angry Birds Seasons for PC. Keep reading about what’s new in this game or skip to the end to Download Angry Birds Seasons Free for PC.

In Angry Birds Seasons you have to slingshot the birds to kill the pigs on each level. You have various kinds of birds each with its own special ability. The pigs are the enemy as they have stolen the eggs from the birds and the birds are looking to get them back by destroying all the pigs. These pigs are hiding under structures made of wood, rocks and in some cases under ice. You need to destroy these structures in order to get to the pigs. Angry Birds Seasons for PC Free is given on this page. You can also use these structures to kill the pigs as anything that falls on the pigs will kill them. You also have pigs of various sizes. The smaller ones will die immediately if something hits them but the bigger ones take more damage and can survive smaller hits easily. A direct hit from the birds will kill any of the pigs no matter what size they are. Angry Birds Seasons PC Free Download is available from the link given at the bottom.

Red birds are the most basic ones and are effective against wooden structures. Special abilities of the birds can be accessed only after you throw them in air. You need to tap you mouse or left click on screen to use the special abilities. The smaller blue birds have a special ability to split into 3 after you tap with mouse on the screen. The yellow birds have special ability of moving at a faster speed and can rip through a lot of wooden objects. The white birds release an egg that explodes. You can make it fall on the structures and make it explode for more effective use. The black ones are the exploding birds. These are the most effective birds in killing as they pack a lot of fire power and they cause the most damage on the structures. Link for Free Download Angry Birds Seasons for PC is given at the end of this article, click on it to start the downloading.

Angry Birds Seasons PC includes all the 7 campaigns of the year 2011 with more than 500 levels and for the year 2012 one campaign is available with 90 levels. You need to complete each level in order to get to the next level. Expect more campaigns and levels to be added in the future Angry Birds Seasons as the new seasons come. Angry Birds is a very addictive game be it on mobiles or PC and a good time pass for people who are bored. Following link will let you Download Angry Birds Seasons PC Free.

Download Angry Birds Seasons Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download Angry Birds Seasons PC from any one of the direct links given on download page.
    2. Extract the file using latest Winrar or 7zip.
    3. Install the game using AngryBirdsSeasonsInstaller
    4. Extract the file to get the AngryBirdsSeasons.exe file.
    5. Copy this file to C:Program FilesRovioAngry Birds Seasons
    6. Start the game then click on the Unlock Full Version Button. And add anything as key and when the register button unlocks click on it.
    7. Play the game.

    Update: All the links have been fixed and new version Angry Birds Seasons 2.2.0 for PC links have been added for download today (27th Feb 2012). Enjoy!!!!

    • jeff says:


    • ardy says:

      redeem the code of the game was what?????

      • admin says:

        what do you mean??

  2. x1demon says:

    thanks i m first to download this.
    the kids love this game..i will tell them i got it from such a nice person like you…lol….aint i funny :D

  3. fizz says:


  4. baggman says:

    It’s like being addicted to love. Thanks dude.

  5. shimwooley says:

    thx man. this is a cool game.

  6. rigsby says:

    i m already at 4th level on easter eggs

  7. Revan says:


    After applying the cr*ck ..
    Register with any key you want..
    Make sure you block it with your Firewall..
    It work fine..

  8. sgoutam says:

    as said above you need tor register it with any key, make sure your’s is registered

  9. smartdog says:

    thank you! Love Angry Birds.

  10. kos77 says:

    thank you.

  11. GM44 says:

    Thank you very much for this upload!

  12. dantedk says:

    cool Thx for the UP

  13. kinjo says:

    installed on win 7. works great.

  14. beatles says:

    have no idea what to put in to register??
    any help would be great

    • beatles says:

      never mind, figured it out, you can put anything in the box. I put abcdefgh and hit register and it worked

      thanks for the up!!

  15. pidol says:

    thanks dude. love angry birds

  16. Arsda says:

    Saved as a favorite, I enjoy your site! :)

  17. jaysean says:


  18. zaid says:

    aah a very nice game and i love it

  19. marc manio says:


  20. George says:

    No Activation code

    • admin says:

      After you copy the crack you can type anything in the serial number box and click register and it will work. you dont need any specific code. try it.

  21. vinced says:

    i cant download beacuse wee have eset nod32

    • admin says:

      you need to disable nod32 or use a different antivirus as its blocking this site for some reason.

  22. lma says:

    Coool game!!!!love it!

  23. sunny says:

    register button doesnot unlock

    • admin says:

      did you apply the patch

  24. sunny says:


    • admin says:

      sorry i meant crack. Did you copy the crack that comes with the game to the folder where you installed the game.

      • sunny says:

        yeah i did… its working now.. thanks

  25. kamal chapagain says:

    i don’t love it

  26. Atu says:

    its amazing

  27. alfredo says:

    how do you douwnload it???

  28. ravi kumar says:

    how to be free download of game angry bird

    • admin says:

      click on any one of the link once you are on download page and then download it from there. follow instructions to install it and play.

  29. yeancah says:


  30. saboor.khan says:

    anrgy birdy key

    • saboor.khan says:

      you play anrgybirds

  31. mayur says:

    oooooooooooooooo game
    no dwnlod game

  32. LOURIEN says:

    pwede ko na bang idownload to in full version for free sa pc ko

  33. LOURIEN dalino arcenal says:

    im aiming to have the free and full version of angry bird seasons but i find it difficult to download

  34. chandrakant says:


  35. Munib says:


  36. myukthik says:


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