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Batman Arkham City Free Download Full PC Game

Batman is back with the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City which is an action adventure game developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. This site will give you full PC version of the game for free download. As always you play as the Batman and in some missions you will also play as Catwoman.

Batman comics have been made into cartoons, games and movies before but the details and atmosphere that Batman Arkham City brings to the table is astonishing and no one has done that before. You will play the game in Gotham, with the north part being sealed off to make it a prison for the most dangerous criminals. You will be trying to protect innocent people on the street and try to bring peace to the neighborhood. Download Batman Arkham City Full Version Free from the direct link given at the bottom of this page.

The game is set in winter and you will feel the cold atmosphere once you start the game. Snow will be falling on the criminals where are patrolling the streets of Arkham city and the streets will be filled with snow reflecting light and adding the atmosphere of the neighborhood. The once busy shops and streets are now empty and look haunted. This situation has risen due to the crises that took place in Arkham Asylum. All the criminals were moved to the North Gotham and packed in there to live without any healthy conditions. Lack of food and warm places to stay are absent and all this has been forced on not only upon the dangerous criminals but also on the people whose crime was to raise their voice against the Arkham city for the living conditions. Batman Arkham City Free Download is given at the end.

The prison that you will be fighting in is not much compared to the open world games you will see out there but it sure is one of the best with great details and atmosphere to match the dire situation of the city. The Arkham City has many building that were once very useful to the people now only the building remain in devastated conditions. Courthouse, Museum, police headquarters and a subway terminal which has been left unused are all parts of this small city. This indicated that the once beautiful and elegant city has fallen into wrong hands and suffered a bad fate. This imaginary world pulls you in as you start playing it for longer periods especially on PC which shows you more details than the consoles like the snowflakes falling on structures on the Batman himself. Keep reading or the link for Batman Arkham City Free Download is given at the end of this article.

Apart from the detailed world and the chilly atmosphere Batman Arkham City brings the combat gameplay that made the original game so popular. You have simple one button actions where one button will attack the enemy and the other is used to defend and counter attack. Timing of the attacks is important and you will be rewarded for good timing. Once you find your rhythm it will be easy to dismantle a group of enemies within no time. The action is not jerky or restrictive but free flowing and the moves look elegant. The animations are a joy to watch as each looks perfectly like a real world fight is taking place or a fight from the moves with perfect actions. The chaining of attacks is also present and you will see some impressive combinations with which you will be taking down the enemies attacking you. Batman Arkham City Full Free Download is available from the link given below.

The enemies will be more difficult to defeat as you progress through the game. They will be carrying different kinds of weapons like stun rods, shields and body armor. You will need to deploy different techniques to destroy each of the different enemies. You will get a lot of satisfaction when you encounter a group with diverse weapons which require different techniques to defeat them. The controls are well managed and they are responsive to every button press. The Game gives you option to use the Keyboard/Mouse combination or a gamepad, both of them work great. The game again brings the gadgets that were a part of Batman arsenal but this time around they play a big part in defeating and progressing through the game. Some parts of the game will be inaccessible at first but as you progress and acquire more gadgets they will be accessible and you can return to them anytime you want. Free Download of Batman Arkham City is given on this page after this review.

The game is well developed with everything made just to add to the atmosphere of the game. The sense of adventure that you get from the game is unparalleled. The fights are gruesome and pan out great, boss fights are dangerous but they are easy, that’s the only disappointment you will feel with this game. The missions that take you from the grim streets to the long forgotten tunnels with details you will never see are superb. The side quests that are just as great to play add to the gameplay time. This is one game you will not be satisfied playing once and so you will return to the grappling hook and the cape for a second round after finishing it.

This might be the best game out there in the market right now. So grab yourself a free copy from here. Following link will give you Batman Arkham City Free Download.

Download Batman Arkham City PC Full Version Free

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110 Responses to “Batman Arkham City”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get 2 ISO files.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the 1st ISO or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game by running Setup.exe from the 1st DVD. When asked for DVD2 unmount the 1st and mount the 2nd DVD.
    4. After installation is complete go to DVD2 and install Gfwlivesetup.exe
    5. Copy all files and folders from FightClub folder (DVD2) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    6. Start the game using /Binaries/Win32/BatmanAC.exe (Block the game from accessing the internet using Firewall or disable your net.)
    7. Create a Offline games for windows live account.
    8. Play the game.

    • MIRAN says:


    • Eisenbarth Michael G. Dagumay says:

      I want to download Batman Arkham City but I didn’t know how to download it.

  2. ALY EL DIN says:


  3. sowny says:

    Thanks for the upload. So many games to play, but this jumps to the front.

  4. wraith says:

    finally YEAH YEAH ….thanks uploader. guess new group did it where others couldnt :D sweet

  5. tute says:

    joker dead!!!

  6. ThaiKatY2k says:

    hell yea.. to many games not enough time.. lol..
    big thanks Uploader

  7. mgoatley says:

    thanks uploader, big time!!


    if that’s a game spoiler, then you are an ass

  8. moviestar says:

    thanks a lot

  9. Travbrown says:

    shit yeah. battle field 3, la noire, modern warfare 3 and now batman arkham city. think im gonna have to call in sick.

  10. cvarsd says:

    thank you. nice release again

  11. candicem says:

    Thanks for this.

    Those who have the game, does it have the normal installer as well???

  12. Dinic says:

    It’s running properly on my rig with all set to highest, i3 2100, gtx 560,4 gb ram, win 7 32bit. 1280×1024 (native resolution of my monitor).

  13. KabouterNL says:

    Thanks for this upload en thanks for the (new?) cracking scene.

  14. SiriusB says:

    Thank you!

    Installed, and works perfectly.

  15. Revan says:

    thank you for the upload, awesome speed!

    Working Great!!

  16. hawk says:

    can enybody tell me if it’s working

    • Ysho says:

      yes it is working

  17. boomstick says:

    I’m playing it with DX11 without any issue (no stutter) other than it is just taxing my comp…
    It looks great, though. I’m getting avg 60FPS with i5, GTX570 on max settings.

    I downloaded the patch from Google for this one

  18. NinjaShadowS says:

    Is any one else getting this

    Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original “Batman Arkham City” disc
    in drive J:

    when trying to run the game after copying the files from the fightclub folder ??

    • Asagard says:

      copy the crack files to the correct folder and also make sure you block the game from accessing internet using a firewall and that problem will be fixed.

      • laythv says:

        this game rock

  19. Kushed says:

    Also getting
    ‘Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (4001).’
    Followed NFO and tried twice. Im on Win 7 x64

    • Kushed says:

      Got it working by reinstalling and running every installer ‘as admin’

      ThanQ uploader, and Fightclub. Been waiting for this one a while.

  20. boldyin says:

    cheers for the info Boomstick666 will have a look into that.

  21. NinjaShadowS says:

    I just tried booting into my install of Win 7 and using the exact same files that were installed when running XP and the game starts up and is playing fine.. seems I can only play this on Win 7 .. Weird

  22. Czester says:

    Lol never hear about FiGHTCLUB. Cool start in pirate world.

  23. mgoatley says:


    that’s cuz this game was not released for XP

  24. strider says:

    DLCs??? Neway thanks for the upload m8…been waiting for this one..

  25. NinjaShadowS says:

    @ mgoatley
    I just checked for the minimum requirements and it says XP so I believe that it was released for XP unless you mean the work around to make it work is not for XP.

    Minimum System Requirements • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • CPU: Dual-Core CPU 2.4 Ghz
    • RAM: 2GB

    At present this is working for me on win7 ultimate edition. I have played up to getting on the roof of the church with only 1 minor prob of it freezing for about 20 sec’s. game time of about 2 hours.

  26. kukimuki says:

    Thanks uploader great speed. Works but on DX11 + Tess it sometimes stutter’s. Wait for patch 1.1 to be released and cracked.

  27. Exec says:

    Got it working after ‘insert original disk’ error. Re-installed, running all install progs ‘as admin’ (including Gfwlivesetup.exe).Also started game ‘as admin’ and its all good.

    ThanQ Kushed, and Fightclub. Been looking forward to this one.

  28. kos77 says:

    Quick question for our uploader friend.Can we play the game on XP Windows?? Thank you.

    • HateOme says:

      i think it does work on XP.

      Thanx to uploader

  29. andressergio says:

    i was using the patch 1.1 with mini image and works awesome

  30. chaos says:

    It starts and runs for me, but damn is it a SLOW loader!!!

    And i am not running anywhere near a slow system by any means!!!

    But BF3 takes a bit to load also…….

  31. hooptybug says:

    from elsewhere

    delete paul.dll and lang.ini and it should work

  32. Brotherlol says:

    If ya get securom error just disable your dvd drives and your good to go..

  33. chaos says:

    I never had to delete anything or disable any optical drives….

    Although when i first installed it, it said i was missing msidcrl40.dll & xlive.dll

    I downloaded them, put them in the Binaries/Win32 folder and then the game ran.
    Slow loading but once it started it played fine.

  34. XDarkAngel says:

    I already have downloaded and finished the game
    Thank You

  35. trickycdr says:

    GFWL offline works as usual.

    Game looks great triplewide 5040×1050 with DX11 high details…

  36. ahole says:

    there are other games to keep me busy. but will download it and keep it till i finish others

  37. AngryBadger says:

    I got secure rom errors until i disabled my physical DVD drive and rebooted. now the game works

  38. Inzhaine says:

    TY Uploader !

  39. Ztekan says:

    For those who are intrested.

    I downloaded the game more to play Catwomen not so much to play batman.

    Anyhows you will play Catwomen 2 times in the main story first at the bigning and in the middle of the game, do not be sad becouse of this , becouse when you beat the game you have the option to freeroam with booth Batman and Catwommen and do sidequests and so on , its pretty much to do after you have beaten the game, you switch between Catwommen in 3 different location marked with a Cat.

    The game was great , very much indeed. Now i am enjoing the aftermatch after have beaten the game.

  40. Pickpocket says:

    Works just fine for me. Used Daemon Tools Lite and unmounted after 2nd disk install. No CD/DVD issues. Did not disable DVD-rom. Game is saving properly and not crashing. DX11 working without any issues – no stuttering.

    core i5 2500k
    radeon 6950 dx11
    8gb ram
    Win 7 64-bit

    Cheers to the Uploader

  41. shaunu says:

    thank you for the upload just wondering is any1 else having trouble starting the game i mean like i have to start it up about 5 times before i can get on the game haha

    • Triipsy says:

      no such problems. starts the first time i click on the icon. may be you are having some driver problems.

  42. strakosh says:

    Thanks. Works for me with no problem.

  43. chaddy18 says:

    Thanks to the uploader. Works fine!!!! Many thanks! :) :P

  44. Ricback says:

    Working nicely here (just is very slow to start the game after clicking the exe). No problem at all while playing though.

    Thanks UPLOADER!

  45. Tdurden says:

    works nice and smooth

  46. prijatelj says:


    For some reason i can not even get into windows live to make an offline account so i can’t save the game.

    • prijatelj says:

      Nevermind, i just saw the Gfwlivesetup.exe on disc 2, installed it….
      GOD i feel like a newbie!!!
      Works fine now.

  47. neosum says:

    Sure it works on W7 64bit, i have played it quite a few times on my system.

  48. eddie says:

    works great for me too on 7. follow the instructions in the nfo. nothing else needed. the exe does take a long time to launch the game, but it will so sit and wait.

  49. crazyace says:

    try disabling vsync if anyone is having problems

  50. revoisshite says:

    ” I really need to play this game !!”

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