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Download Borderlands Free for PC

Borderlands is a first person shooter game full version of which is available for download from the link at the bottom of the page. This game was one of the best games of the year it was released. You have the option of single and multiplayer game modes. There are also three DLC’s that have been released for Borderlands viz. Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxie’s Underdome Riot and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. The third DLC is considered to be the last for this game. These downloadable content packs have added many new things which keep you interested in Borderlands for a longer period.

The game is set on a fictional planet names Pandora. As soon as you begin the game you will be set free on Pandora where you will complete quests and missions to gain experience points and get hands on as many new items and weapons as possible. You will face stiff competition from the gangs that are looting things on this planet which has been abandoned for years. Members of these groups will try very hard to prevent you from killing their leaders. You can Download Borderlands Free Full Version PC Game from the link given at the end of this article.

At the start of the game you will get weapons that are rusty and in very bad condition but as you progress new and better weapons can be found on the planet and in the later stages of the game some great alien weapons can be found. You will also get heavy weapons like sub-machine guns and rocket launchers. You can select any one of the four characters that are available at the start of the game. All of them have special abilities of their own and they are experts in handling a certain type of weapon. So choose wisely who you would like to play as.

A ‘Guardian Angel’ figure will be telling you what to do and give you directions to complete your missions. The main mission is to collect the four artifacts that are scattered on the planet. These artifacts are the means to open a vault which is presumed o contain a lot of valuable items.  Unfortunately the members of other groups also know this fact and are trying to get these artifacts for themselves. So you have to fight with them to get these artifacts and open the vault yourself.

The game overall is a enjoyable one and gives you a lot of time to play. The weapons system is one of the best and the artistic style of visuals are impressive. Give this game a try if you are looking for a different looking FPS game. Download Borderlands Free from the following link.

Download Borderlands Free for PC

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29 Responses to “Borderlands”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use 7zip or Winrar to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from Crack folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files Borderlands/Binaries. (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (12th August 2012)… Enjoy!!!

  2. TrU3 says:

    WOOOOOT xD thnx man been waiting to check this 1 out

  3. sgoutam says:

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, oh and Thanks

  4. creiij says:

    Woo, hope it’s good =)

  5. felgen says:

    Holy Crapp!!!!!! Thx a million for this one :)

  6. jordie says:

    THX,something new, I hope it works on a 32-bit Vista

  7. bakkenbears says:

    this game looks really amazing.. looks good too the way they went with the graphics

  8. willard says:

    Guns, guns and guns. Do side quests, collect loot and level up. This sounds great in an RPG PoV. Watched the X360 review on Gayspot and they didn’t give the story high points. If you’re a story kind of person; Is this game worth it?

    I mean epic stories as in Neverwinter Nights 2 or Mass Effect, that really sucks you in and makes you never stop playing it.

    Or perhaps i should just wait for Dragonage.

    • falkabc says:

      Willard, i have this on PS3, and its a cracking game so far, many many quests to do, and it is practically speaking an rpg, the story seems fine imho, good game overall.

  9. weeken says:

    thanks for the upload!!
    I am loving it!! Very addictive… just one more mission, one more cool gun, one more level, etc.

    Wicked fun

  10. srobins says:

    man i literally almost choked on the juice I was drinking when I saw this, man I gotta stop browsing this site during meals, great Job as always

    • LoneStrider says:

      just like srobins79, i dropped my laptop and took a grim reapers’ sprint to my downloadrig…

  11. SnakeByte says:

    thanks for the up! people expect this is a nice enough game!

  12. ribtor says:

    A Great looking game and a fantastic upload, Thanks

  13. MD72 says:

    Can anyone extract the reloaded.dll file? For some reason it says the file doesn’t exist. I am using MagicISO to extract it off the ISO.

    I got it. It was the anti-virus. After i posted this, i figured it out. Thanks!

    PS: Disable your Antivirus or it will delete the crack files

    • jireh says:

      I’m sure your anti-virus is automatically deleting the file. Had that experience before

  14. master says:

    TY! Hope it’s as good or even better than Fallout3.

  15. redb2 says:

    Is this Reloaded.dll a virus? My BitDefender wouldnt let me copy it, and I’m just trying to confirm whats the deal with it.

    Is it needed to run the game? Or can I just copy the .exe?

    • trouserchili says:

      it’s a false positive, meaning your anti-virus will stop you from playing this game. So disable you AV and copy the files. or add and exception.

      and yes, you need it to run the game.

      • redb2 says:

        yepp that fixed the problem.

  16. buzz says:

    thanks a bunch !!!! been playin this on my 360 but some things were anoying so i hopin its even better on pc !!!!!!awsome game too

  17. RSOblivion says:

    Thanks guys this is awesome.

    Reloaded.dll is often flagged as a virus even if it isn’t. It’s a known cracking group and therefore AV products just pick it up due to name and make up a BS reason for doing so.

    So either disable you AV or add an exception for that file as said before.

  18. fishboy says:

    it runs great on my not so good rig, winxp 32bit, 2 gigs ram, athlon xp x2 4200+, and ati 4850, with everything maxed, very good port, had 0 problems after 5 hours play.

    Oh and the intro narrator/bus driver is the trader from stalker

  19. denton says:

    Installing now. Do not use PowerISO. Use Daemon Tools Lite instead to install.

  20. bodsuruncle says:

    thanks 4 the up load works fine 4 me

  21. mackali says:

    how is level up ? I am level 3 but skills 0 !

  22. wohoo says:

    THANX !!!!

    the robot is so fcking sweet <3 :D

  23. RODDER says:

    got it installed now yey.. cool graphics… good game – just used daemon tools pro to mount.

  24. coremodels says:

    installed fine, copied crack fine, game runs fine. :D :D :D :D

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