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Dead Island

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Download Dead Island Full Free

Dead Island is a zombie action RPG game full version of which can be downloaded for free from the link given on this page. This is one of the games that we didn’t know about till last month and it’s a nice surprise to see such a good game being made without much fuss. Dead Island can be seen as a mixture of some of the good games that have been released in the recent years and it includes things from all those games. The game was first released for Xbox 360 and PS3 and later for Windows PC.

The game takes some of the good elements from games such as Borderlands, Left 4 Dead and implements them well. Game is set on an island as you can guess from the name and the action takes place on the beach resorts, jungles and the city surrounding these locations. The start of the game is a typical for action games of this nature where you have to use anything that’s available in the environment as weapons and melee attacks are the main weapons at this time. But as you progress through the game eventually the guns come into play. Keep reading or go directly to the end where you can Download Dead Island Full Version PC Game Free for PC.

The game features looting and upgrade system like Borderlands where you will wander around the entire island looking for loot and also completing missions and quests given to you. This will allow you to upgrade your weapons and modify them for better effectiveness. Your main objective is to find other survivors on the island and escape from there. The zombies that you will face will range from small basic ones which you can kill without much effort to the larger ones which will scare the hell out of you. The zombies will always keep you busy as they will respawn quickly. If you leave a part of the island for a short period of time and on coming back you will again see that the entire area is crowded with the zombies, sometimes this happens even when you are still in the area. The great feature of this game is that the zombies can be dismembered meaning you can chop off their limbs one by one. There are many other ways to kill them as well like putting them on fire and poisoning them. If you like what you have read so far then you should Download Dead Island Full Free and start playing and enjoying like us.

The PC version has some glitches but otherwise this is a spectacular island to look and it’s a kind of beautiful island where you will go for enjoying holidays. An update has been released to fix many of the issues of the game and you should download and apply the update from the download page. The environments are great and the jungles and city parts of the game are enjoyable. The game doesn’t allow much to be changed in the graphics department as the setting page is missing the options to change anything. But with if the setting is kept to show the best visual then you don’t need to worry about manually changing anything. The co-op play is one of the things that you will definitely like about Dead Island. And if you have friends that like zombie games then you are in for a treat. Link below will let you Download Dead Island Full Free for PC.

If everything is working well with the game then you will have a blast playing it. The voice acting is excellent and the melee combat system a fun way to kill the zombies. The open world setting is gives you plenty of room to enjoy. The game is good in both audio and visual departments. If you are looking for a purely fun game then your search end here with Dead Island. You can Download Dead Island Full Free by clicking on the following link.

Download Dead Island Full Free

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75 Responses to “Dead Island”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download and extract all parts using Winrar to get a ISO file. Also Download the update using any one of the links given on download
    2. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy over all the cracked files/folders from the Crack folder on the DVD to the folder of the game. Install the redists from the REDIST dir as needed.
    5. Extract the cracked update and copy all files to the install folder of Dead Island
    6. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (26th July 2012)… Enjoy!!!

    • louis says:

      so how do i extract the files i downloaded where r they at , how do i get to it

      • admin says:

        Did you download using torrent or direct links. Just search for PES and you can find them. Then use Winrar to open the first part and extract it.

  2. steadler says:

    thanks so much, been waiting forever

  3. Terr4ce says:

    oh god thank you !

  4. bdabomb says:

    Thank you so much uploader! Been on edge waiting for this one. Hope it’s as good as i hope.

    • leon scott says:

      i dont have a cd. can i barrow? heheh just kidding ,

  5. TheGhoster says:

    Dead Island Free thats what i like to hear

  6. thebroker says:

    Thanks a bunch! LOVE zombie movies, so this otta be fun!

  7. armstrong says:

    Thank you so much for this release! Can’t wait!!

  8. Mondeus says:

    cheers upper.

    after installing and installing the Redist, blank screen
    anyone ?

    • Mondeus says:

      Ok fixed the black screen, i have 2 screens had to disable the 2nd then it loads fine.

  9. pro2pat says:

    nice upload , was waiting long to play a zombie shooter

  10. vivakia says:

    Thanks reloaded and uploader
    played just the beginning and performance is very good (ati6870) and it saves fine
    seems a really nice game

  11. B1TSS0UpLuV says:

    Thanks so much but this game is a glitch fest and not very good at all.

    Still fun to play I guess while waiting for other games

    • scanner says:

      119MB patch got released on steam, it fixes 100s of bugs, i hope the group bring it here.

      many thanks for this game.

      • Steve says:

        The update has already been posted on this site. So download and install it. All the bugs are gone. now I m getting silky smooth gameplay.

  12. bassmanstyle says:

    Wow, thanks, been waiting for this one. Reveiews are looking sweet for this

  13. afgomar says:

    finally something worth playing for

  14. s0nic says:

    Not usually a zombie fanatic but this game looks good. Cheers mate

  15. barros says:

    Sex day (here in Brazil at least) + Dead Island. What else could I possibly want?
    Anyway thanks uploader, Hope this will push my new gig to the limit.

  16. snakekevlar says:

    Thank’s …Game run’s flawless everything maxed out and using 360 controller could not ask for more…

    • Freeleacher says:

      Why you using a 360 controler ?

      • morgan says:

        i also just prefer to use a pad, keyboard and mouse seems harder to access the buttons i want to press if you know wat i mean. its why i use xpadder with every pc game i play, but hardcore pc players allways say keyboard and mouse is superiour i dont know why though

  17. eyegore says:

    Thanks much for the upload!

    I need to echo the warning about the installer, which the NFO is vague about. You should run Steambackup2.exe to install, not setup.exe.

    If you run setup.exe, the install will fail, and it will also rename your steam.exe, then none of your steam games will work until you fix it manually.

  18. spectr0z says:

    thanks a lot for the upload

  19. kobba89 says:

    Thanks for very much but im still getting this _x86_rwdi.exe can’t seem to find a solution

    • canadian6 says:

      to everyone with the redist _86_rwdi.exe. error too =/ error reinstall the redistruble that is found in the image of the game when you mount it look in the resources file and you will see redist install the vcredist found in that folder. i havent had any probs with it but i see soem of you have.

    • ali says:

      install the steambackup2, not the setup, to program files
      then copy crack to install folder

  20. gorilladf says:

    U MUST use the patch to play this properly
    Thanks for the up!

  21. felgen says:

    hmm cool game… i m playing it right now.. a lot of fun killing all the zombies and cutting off their limbs…

  22. djagil says:

    Thank U is my first game download from this site. Appreciated.

  23. Lolo says:

    Works fine @W7 64bit.

    Just copy the crack in Dead Island folder where you extracted the game.

  24. speedbreaker says:

    guys install this to the desktop only and then from there you can move the games folder anywhere you want.just dont install this anywhere else or you may lose gbs for nothing because theres not going to be a folder anyway.i repeat install only on desktop.

    • admin says:

      If you run the steambackup2.exe as admin to install you wont have any problems

  25. Kushed says:

    Im only about an hour in the game but I’ve had no probs. Small tip :Run steambackup2.exe as admin. (I didnt do this on first install, and no folder got written in Program files (86x).I ran as admin, and worked like a charm.)

  26. dodoflash says:

    Okay had this installation folder problem too. I found out that windows 7 when the installer has no rights to save to the program folder, it saves them to some virtuel programm folder under:

    C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram Files

    here you find the installation files

  27. echosak says:

    i always pick a different drive to install to for 3 reasons=
    -my C: is full of software
    -windows 7 has stupid restrictions with the Program Files folder
    -its easy to find installation on drive E:

  28. mlecz1323 says:

    Great game thx uploader.

  29. daniel says:

    does this link work or is it fake

    • TeamDFGF says:

      it is real and the game works perfectly.

  30. daniel says:

    the torrent working i think im downloading now

  31. admin says:

    All links have been fixed today (24th Sept 2011) Enjoy!!

  32. shari says:

    it as zombies

  33. murphy says:

    Do i HAVE to put files use a blank dvd? cant i just do it directly off the pc?

    • admin says:

      yes you can do that. After you extract the files you will get a ISO file. You can extract that also or use Daemon tools lite. It will mount that ISO in a virtual DVD drive and show it in My Computer as a DVD.

  34. kaylani says:

    thank u so much for this rental thanks :)

  35. Gonzo says:

    yo im having probs with the game crashing and system goes blank. update 1 works but the other im having a hard time. smartsteam not working or im not doing it right idk, but any help would be awesome

    • DFGF says:

      dont know about smartstream that one you will have to figure out on your own.

  36. cc says:

    can we play online?

  37. zizil says:


  38. zizil says:

    thnX!! i l0Ve u!!

  39. rohit says:

    yo im having probs with the game crashing and system goes blank. update 1 works but the other im rohit

    • admin says:

      try updating your drivers.

  40. manoj says:


  41. Raja says:

    it is top most game

  42. jubel says:

    thank you

  43. unknow200199911 says:

    games that requir no mount/burn are best this prob wont work.

    • TooMuchToDo says:

      then how are u supposed to install the games.. lol.. learn things it will be easier for you to download games.

  44. drmus says:

    1 its a virus (says my AVG)
    2 no torret download?
    3 its a good game!

    • admin says:

      1. Its a false positive. meaning AVG is trying to stop you from downloading games for free.
      2. Torrents are given at the bottom of the download page.
      3. Yes it is. :)

  45. left says:

    dead link !!!!

    • admin says:

      All dead links have been finished and new working links have been added for download enjoy!!

  46. Ziad says:


  47. marjorie says:

    i like deasd island

  48. julius says:

    admin please reply…

    • admin says:

      Your ip address keeps changing that’s not helping to allow you to pass it.

  49. Ipman says:

    how i can download this game?

  50. raziq fayyadh says:

    i need a game

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