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F1 2012

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Download F1 2012 Free for PC

F1 2012 is the latest game developed by Codemasters in the F1 racing series of games. This is a sequel to the two previous games F1 2011 and F1 2010 and is based on this year’s i.e. 2012 season of F1 racing. You can download full version of this PC game for free from here. In this new release Codemasters as always does some refinement over the previous games and adds some of the new features that have been missing as well. They also make some bold moves to improve the gameplay with inclusion of better physics. F1 2012 free download is just a step away and is available at the bottom of this page.

F1 2012 comes with smoother handling, gone are the raw beasts of machines which with slight wrong movement would have thrown you out. This move has been made to appeal to the beginners or amateur fans of the race. Downloading F1 2012 is really easy, just follow the instructions and you will have F1 2012 PC download for free. F1 2011 was very hardcore and only veterans of the series were able to handle the pressure of racing such a hard game others would just quit it after seeing the difficulty level. It is now impossible to get out of control due to wrong handling. Sounds too simple of a game right? Still it poses some challenges to play this new version of game. Download F1 2012 free for PC and enjoy.

F1 2012 despite using the ECO engine packs some great graphics. The game has been optimized and now it can run on any machine from the previous year. Better menu system, better looking tracks all are part of the game. All in all F1 2012 has a lots going for it and a worthy successor to the previous games. Link bellow allows you to get F1 2012 free download for PC.

Download F1 2012 PC Game Free

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27 Responses to “F1 2012”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Play the game.

    • suyash varma says:

      but,i am unable to find how to install the game

      • admin says:

        just read the instructions given. Its very easy. let us know if you still dont understand

  2. leedaman says:

    amazing thanks

  3. happyfeet says:

    f1 cool thank you

  4. jetski says:

    Thanks I will try this first, hated the first one with a passion

  5. JINXY says:

    thnx uploader

  6. Xfade says:

    Thanks alot. :) I would rather play this then that Borderlands 2.

  7. donatelo says:


  8. ianstorm says:

    TY!! TY!! TY!! TY!!

  9. andressergio says:

    thanks thanksssssssssssssss

  10. koshmeister says:

    Thanks tho for game

  11. Xfade says:

    Must say, the game really has improved over last year’s one. Tried it for like 4 hours.

    When the game starts you get a really good “tutorial” called young driver test.
    It really gives great info and tips, a good learning experience. Also it got a bit harder. Wich i like.

    My Logitech MoMo Racing was covered in dust but i could sense it went “F*ck YES finally some proper action!”
    Sorry for the big slab of text. Cheers.

  12. rets1 says:

    Thanks for this works perfect pity the gameplay aint that good spinning off everwhere even with full assists on.
    i find it a bit to sensitive on the xbox 360 controller

  13. Predador says:

    The game works just fine, thanks for the up!!

  14. Golan says:

    ty works great on win 7

  15. Waari says:

    Cheers for the upload mate!

    To people not knowing how to unpack this:
    Just open with winrar, mount and install

  16. CaptCaveman says:

    sorry but i am old, i have no idea what a flt file is and only use iso ultra and winrar. could one of you wiz kids explain in english what i do to get this game ???

    • DarkPrince says:

      FLT is just the release group, its always packed with winrar. Just unpack/mount/install (read instructions for how)
      Greets :)

  17. betho says:

    Just right click on the first file and click open if you have winrar installed it should open with Winrar and you will see a ISO file. If not then select open with and select winrar to open it with.

    Select ISO file you see and click on extract files.

  18. brrok says:

    works nicely. thank you

  19. alanS says:

    thank you :)

  20. TOORR says:

    thank you guys. keep up the good work :)

  21. Miea says:

    appreciate the free download. thnx

  22. DFea says:

    working great. one of the best racing game in F1 series

  23. asder says:

    Works!!!!!!!! tnx

  24. vagge says:


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