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Download Grand Theft Auto 4 Free

Grand Theft Auto series is back with a new game Grand Theft Auto 4 which is available for full version free download for PC from the link given at the end of this page. The game is popularly known as GTA 4. The game was released earlier for the consoles and it has been released for Windows PC after that. Rockstar Games has again pulled out a great game from their hat.

You are Niko Bellic an immigrant with so many crimes under your belt that you can alone destroy the crime families in the area of Liberty City where this game is set. The game was late to arrive on PC but it makes up for the time by adding some new features to the list and also improving other aspects of the game. If you have played the console version then there is no point picking this up as it’s essentially the same game. If you are into multiplayer online games then it has the ability to play multiplayer with up to 32 players. Unlike the previous games where you will be using remote controlled helicopters to detonate your way to success in a mission this time it’s different. You can actually fly in the helicopters. The game has been steadily evolved to give a more realistic level of gameplay. You can Download Grand Theft Auto 4 Free Full Version Game for PC from the link that’s given at the end of this article.

GTA 4 is set in a virtual world and the city where everything takes place is Liberty City. The story has been written very well for this game and the world that you will be playing is very detailed. These things make playing Grand Theft Auto 4 a much enjoyable experience. Liberty city is mostly based on New York City with all the effects and glory that this city possesses. Many things on the street of Liberty city are actually accessible like you can use a computer in a shop. As the norm is Rockstar Games makes GTA games and adds radio station to access from your cars. The music is good but you will get tired of hearing the same thing again and again. Independence FM lets you play the songs from your music collection when you switch to this station. GTA 4 free download is given at the end of this article skip to it or keep reading.

GTA 4 when released had a lot of problems and glitches but they have been fixed eventually using a number of patches. If you have a powerful enough system then you will really enjoy the beautiful Liberty City in all its glory. After around a year and a half the game received two standalone DLC’s packs called The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of gay Tony. These two packs were included together in a standalone game called GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City. You don’t need this original GTA 4 game to play that but if you want to enjoy the new game then we recommend to you to play this game first then go for the new game. The game has been improved a lot in all the aspects from its predecessors and there is certainly enough for everyone to enjoy this game. To download Grand Theft Auto IV free look at the link given at the end of this story.

If you have not played this game yet then I would definitely recommend you to play this game its one of the best. Even though the game when released had many bugs and problems, many of them have been fixed with subsequent updates released for Rockstar Games. This is one of the more refined games in GTA series and no one should miss this. Following link will let you Download GTA 4 Free for PC. New game in the series that is GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto V is in the works and will be released very shortly for PC as well as consoles like XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3

Download Grand Theft Auto 4 Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO files.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount these ISO files or Burn them on DVDs
    3. Mount DVD 1 and start install, including rockstar social club and xlive. When asked for DVD2 unmount the 1st and mount the DVD2. Complete the install.
    4. Copy crack files from DVD 1 to the GTA IV install folder in Program Files and replace original files.
    5. Start the game, but skip logging into rock star social club.
    6. When prompted, download and install the xlive update.
    7. Start the game.
    7. Press the home button and create a new xlive offline account
    8. Play

    Update: New and working links have been added today (12th October 2013)… Enjoy!!!

    • The Ace says:

      We Know,I have Downloaded It And Completed Too

    • ali tata says:

      very nice game

      • ali tata says:

        i download this game

      • shawn cassie says:

        which link box is the fastest to download? the first part of the game im downloading right now takes 8 HOURS!!!and there is 15 more PARTS TO GO!!!! do all link boxes take the same amount of time to download? please HELP!

      • admin says:

        you will have to see which gives you better speed. We cant tell you cause it differs from country to country and your internet speed. Just start some downloads and see which gives you good speed then stop all others and continue with the one that is giving the best speed.

    • Ankit Sinha says:

      How to download xlive update

      • admin says:

        only install it if it asks you when you start the game. otherwise no need.

    • prasana says:

      this is a nice game

    • vijaysavadi says:

      nice…… this game

    • Scholl says:

      du bist der beste

    • karvel says:

      one problem when i click on the download link it says it doesn’t work any more so i don’t know

      • karvel says:

        please help
        thank you

      • admin says:

        Its working perfectly fine here. Try using a different browser and see.

    • Ronan says:

      when i downloaded this it only gave me disk 1 but no disc 2 and it does not ask me to install on daemon tools lite :/ whats wrong with it?

      • admin says:

        Hey Ronan Which links did you use and how many parts did you download? Whats the size of the disk 1 you got?

      • Ronan says:

        i downloaded from and it just gave me 1 download it didnt ask me to download different parts

      • admin says:

        i dont see any 1 link that gives you the full game on that page on parts. Can you give me the link you used.

      • Ronan says:

        will it work for windows 8

      • admin says:

        yes it will Ronan

    • upeka wijenayake says:

      very nice game

    • vongola says:

      please put Dragon ball Z battle of Z

    • beat says:

      that game nice

  2. debbie says:

    The Real Stuff Nice One :-D

    • h says:

      how to dowload gta iv

      • gawar hai kya tu !!! says:

        i am complete all the missions !!!

    • jerald says:

      wow 100%work! like on facebook!

  3. complex says:

    can someone upload a new computer so that I can actually play this game? :D

    nice one..

    • yasoof says:

      i really dnnt knw i want o download the game

      • raman says:


      • alexandre says:


    • berdoude says:

      je veux ce jeux

  4. 08-1 says:


    For me it is time to buy a new machine to play this game.

  5. :oone says:

    This includes the crack?

    • Smiffy says:

      yes it includes all the necessary files to play and also the crack.

    • gta 4 says:

      you have to crack it


  6. Tank says:

    this is the third game i m downloading from this site and the first 2 worked without any problems.

    • ujjvel says:

      hi wats up

    • ujjvel says:

      chat with me

  7. OPPR says:

    work 100% thanks

  8. MellowX says:

    Thnx for another great up m8!

  9. Dutchmen says:

    Super thanx!!!

  10. trickycdr says:

    Working Great Windows XP SP3!

    I ran the benchmark on my pc and got the following results:

    Avg Framerate 43.65
    CPU 54%

    Texture Medium
    Render High
    View 25
    Detail 37

    My pc: Q6600 Quadcore OC’d at 3.4 Ghz, 4 Gb Ram, nVidia 8800GT, SB X-Fi, 22″ Widescreen.

    Next I will get the game working TripleWide, that is, 3×22″ Widescreens.

    • kishor says:

      what a thunder hunter game

  11. itnef says:

    GRRRR i wanna dl but only got 134 mb free space left on my PC LOL.. need to delete some old games.

  12. 1324ste says:

    can`t GTA IV work on XP sp2?

    • WARR10R says:

      It requires SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista

      Don’t think it works on SP2 for XP

  13. hmau says:

    thanks a lot,
    Can someone write about the system requirements? Please!!

    • Smiffy says:

      Minimum System Requirements

      * OS: Windows XP/Vista
      * Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 1.8 GHz/AMD Athlon 64 X2 @ 2.4 GHz
      * Memory: 1.5 GB
      * Hard Drive: 16 GB Free
      * Video Memory: 256 MB (nVidia GeForce 7900/ATI Radeon X1900)
      * Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
      * DirectX: 9.0c
      * Keyboard & Mouse
      * DVD Rom Drive

      Recommended System Requirements

      * OS: Windows XP/Vista
      * Processor: Intel Core 2 QUAD @ 2.4 GHz/AMD Phenom X3 @ 2.1 GHz
      * Memory: 2 GB (2.5 GB for Vista)
      * Hard Drive: 18 GB Free
      * Video Memory: 512 MB (nVidia GeForce 8600/ATI 3870)
      * Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
      * DirectX: 9.0c or 10
      * Keyboard & Mouse
      * DVD Rom Drive

      • Dude says:

        Does it work for Windows 7 Home Premium?

      • admin says:

        yes it will work

      • Rock says:

        does it work for windows 7 ultimate

        and what is the size of the file?

      • LoKK says:

        yes it will work without any problems.

      • Rock says:

        Hey,when i mount the iso file,it comes that the file is corrupt and it asks to find another file that is compatible with it,so i can’t load the game
        please help me ,I use windows 7 ultimate and daemon tools lite

      • admin says:

        did you extract all the parts together. Remember you need all parts in the same folder and then start the extraction process.

  14. Thug says:

    i run the game, everyting on maximum and a res 1680×1050

    On my both computers.
    and im using XP pro and with latest service pack on both of them..Comp2 i have XP64bit
    runs like a baby

  15. mark11 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m pretty new to gaming and wanted to play this game.

  16. Jionix says:

    Wonderful job sir, Thanks, Nice work Razor1911
    I’ve been waiting for this to finish downloading.

    • Jionix says:

      Finished download and playing it. Having a blast..

  17. goof says:

    thanks, glad i waited for the working version

  18. cvarsd says:

    looks like working ,figured out how to do it

  19. eyegore says:

    If you get ERROR FATALE GTA IV: RMN40 then install Windows XP service pack 3.

    I did and the error was fixed

  20. kjhobalia says:

    thanks uploader too good release

  21. ClayC90 says:

    works good and i have posted a video to show as a proof on youtube

    • LDNC says:

      Yeah it works, same as the others

  22. Ares says:

    thank you very much for the upload – great job!

    • shahan says:

      yes GTA is the very beautiful and interesting game

  23. juliandu says:

    TY, i downloaded and played it.

  24. InvisibleMan says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  25. Smiffy says:

    ive only got an 8600GT and it runs a smooth 24fps,this game seems to be optimized for Quad core processors

  26. aned says:

    Working perfectly on Windows XP SP3!

    • tushar patel says:

      and windows 7

  27. rph says:

    the game works perfectly

    my configuration :

    -Intel Q6600 not overclocked
    -3GB RAM
    -ATI HD4850 512MO

    I got a 47.7 average framerate and my cpu doesn’t get over 50%, this with high details and texture and 1680×1050…

  28. han says:

    Thank you a lot

  29. Malar says:

    hello guys.. i am playing the game without any problems

  30. macfat says:

    play at 1920×1200 with everything set to max and get full fps no problem

  31. 969 says:

    I downloaded this release and it run acceptable for me.

  32. Erpt says:

    It’s a great game and definitely worth upgrading your pc.

    You can use the in game benchmark tool to check your fps.

  33. epiquestions says:

    On Vista SP1 it WORKS perfectly
    I run it in high(texture and rendering), 50% distancel,vehicle detail shadow etc. w/ res 1680×1050@60Hz

  34. holland says:

    oh my god…thank u! ive been waiting years for this day 2come…..big thanks uploader

  35. strakosh says:

    Thanks. Seems I’m quite lucky – it works fine on first try

  36. yumfang says:

    Runs perfect on Vista 64.Thanks!

  37. SU83FIN says:

    GTA 4 works just fine

    • shrikant says:

      i love des games i like it

  38. yaniv21 says:

    works perfect thanxxxx

  39. gaza dan says:

    i hope it workes with me

  40. admin says:

    All non working links have been removed and new faster links have been added today (4th Oct 2011). Enjoy the game!!!

  41. tushar patel says:

    nice game and coollllllllllllll…

  42. jehanzeb says:

    is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool game…….. yeh

  43. petre says:

    hey y’all, pls i need to know if this game would run on my 64-bit,win 7 ultimate cpt?

    • TeamDFGF says:

      yes it will run without any problems

  44. shivam says:

    very dashing game

  45. snyper125 says:

    this needs to work because all the other downloads were just trailers

    • admin says:

      dont worry this will work.

  46. Nico says:

    Hellspy still works!

  47. reekesh says:

    i hope it work

  48. tadaf says:

    your site is quite awesome!!!

  49. ravi says:

    key games hi

  50. andrei says:

    gta4 download free

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