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Left 4 Dead 2

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Download Left 4 Dead 2 Free for PC

Sequel to the popular Left 4 Dead game is here. You can download full version of this game free from the link at the end of this page. Left 4 Dead 2 lets you play 5 campaigns that let you and other survivors through a wide variety of maps, from carnivals to swamplands and from flooded areas to city streets crawling with zombies. The maps are detailed and immersive to play in. You will be going through the environments with the only purpose to survive at all cost from the zombies and get to the evacuation centers run by the government from the affected areas.

There will be all kinds of zombies to stop your progress. Many of them have superpowers that will make the task of getting past them a really tough task. Some zombies from the first game also make an appearance to stop you. Some new zombies have been introduced with a wide variety of abilities, for example the Jockey which jumps on your head and takes you away from your course. Free Download of Left 4 Dead 2 Full Game for PC is available at the bottom of the page.

You have two modes campaign and versus. And also survival mode will give the pleasure of enjoying both the campaign and versus modes. Scavenge mode is different than survival mode. You will be collecting gas tanks that will power a generator which you need to keep alive for a long time. You can bring your partners back by using defibrillator. There is also a witch which brings a new type of enemy to stop you. It can be tricky to get away from them if a few of them come at you once.

The game was released merely one year after the first one but it brings some great new things to the mix. It’s a much better game than before. The new campaigns ad a lot of variety and the new modes are really great to increase the longevity of the game. The gameplay is much more fun than before and you will enjoy it a lot. The AI is improved as well but not to a great extent. The zombies are not big on using the deadliest of weapons at their disposal. But this time they will use better tactics by following you closely. You will enjoy the game much more with friends with different modes for you to play. The gameplay though similar to the first game has enough new content to keep you satisfied. This game is highly recommended for everyone. Below is the link to Download Left 4 Dead 2 Full Game Free for PC.

Download Left 4 Dead 2 Full PC Game Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1.First Extract the game using Winrar to get a ISO image file. Then burn it on a disc or mount in Daemon tools
    2. Install using Razor1911 release
    3. DO NOT press OK until all the 20126 files was extracted.
    4. Download the new crack from the download page (Its given in Install Instructions)
    >> Extract it using Winrar and then apply the patch from the folder just extracted by double clicking L4D. Choose the Left 4 Dead 2 folder to extract the patch files by clicking the Browse button.
    >> Now open the crack folder and copy all files from there to the folder where you have installed Left4Dead2
    3. Play through Left4Dead2.exe and Enjoy!

    Update: New and working links have been added today (20th August 2012)… Enjoy!!!

    • Xkiller says:

      how do i extract the game?

      • admin says:

        use winrar to do that. Right click on the first file and choose open with then select the ISO file then click on Extract To and select where you want to extract. Done.

      • unknown says:

        if you wan it u must download 7zip
        but u must have a heavy duty anti-virus

      • best zombie of country says:

        hi i play now ok

    • ImBaDeDz says:

      how to download this game?

    • joshua says:

      free download left 4 dead please

      • jake palonpon says:

        i like 2 download game left 4 dead but how to dowload this game

    • tank says:

      free daowload left for dead please

    • ammar says:

      what is daemon tools

      • admin says:

        Its a software which lets you create a virtual CD/DVD drive. You can use it to mount the ISO file you get from the games in that virtual DVD drive instead of burning a real DVD.

      • Robert Laffredi says:

        we bought the retail download,is there a special way to burn it to dvd?

      • ammar says:

        why would you need to burn if you bought it.

    • kim says:

      hi admin i dont know anything about this stuff can yu explain step by step please?

    • rafie says:

      uh….. can use the download without using pc

      • admin says:

        you will need PC to laptop to play it.

    • mj says:

      what is winrar

      • admin says:

        Winrar is a software which lets you extract the parts you download from here. To make the parts into a ISO file.

    • Amy says:


  2. Gautre says:

    Oh my goodness! left 4 dead 2 for free. this is great.. Thanks

    • pj says:

      i cant dowload it more than an hour

      • SAmason says:

        then try using the torrent links.

  3. orp says:

    Thanks, Been wanting to try this game +)

  4. cand says:

    Thanks for this. was waiting for a good copy..

  5. tony2 says:

    Is this the Uncensored version?

    • killermiller says:

      i luv this game

  6. WOLFS says:

    Yeah it is The English Release so its uncensored.

  7. TREAK says:

    The game works and i have had no problems with crashing I tested it on Vista and Xp SP3.

  8. ned says:

    Props this version works

  9. zmonke says:

    Appreciate this. I prefer playing shooters on a PC rather than the X360, most of the time.

  10. pral says:

    Can I play this as a single player with bots ?

    • elmaillu says:

      Yes.. there is always a single player available in Left 4 Dead.

  11. mehanglow says:

    Nice up….it works perfect…….i played it for 2.3 hours and it never flopped……i love the mayhem…………..and the frying pan.lol

  12. jb25 says:

    Thanks a lot

    • Deep says:

      -_- yeah, um, i was using google chorme to download this, and everytime i do, this yield sign comes up, and says: are you sure you want to download this file? it may harm your computer. :/ what do i do???

  13. iMe says:

    Now this looks good :D

    • kai says:


      • kai says:


  14. kukimuki says:

    Yes i can confirm it on WIN 7 32 bit !! works no crash played all campaign without a crash o or problem .

    just extract and play !! TY !!!!finallllly!

    • HAZIQMY says:


      • drishant dey says:

        this is a very best game of my life because there is a very cheats and man and we are also a very handsome boy and there are very enemy and men and women.

  15. linksysbit says:

    i just tried to run the game on win 7 x64, i can view the into, see the main loading screen, but it crashes after that every time

    Update: IT WORKS!!!!!
    i ran the game while steam was running, this apparantly was the issue, close steam and run , should work fine, just in case i also ran as administrator

    • jake palonpon says:

      i like that game because is excited
      fun fun fun^_^

  16. 009 says:

    can this be burnt to a dvd and play also?

    • mattS says:

      yes you can burn it on a DVD and play without any problems. but why waste a DVD when you can get Daemon Tools.

  17. elmaillusion says:

    for all the people who want to know
    left 4 dead 2 game given here works perfectly. No problems at all.

  18. halfpast5 says:

    The game works fine under Windows7 x64.
    I’m just wondering how can one play via LAN?
    I’ve the Original game and my housemates have this version.

    • elmaillusion says:

      Garena is a application that can connect multiplayer games for you. See garena.com

  19. kye123 says:

    works fine xp pro thanks for your efforts always appreciated

  20. Esmon says:

    How to download left 4 dead 2?

    • DFGF Team says:

      Use jDownloader to download from direct links or use utorrent to download from torrents.

  21. lorna says:

    hi can i join you guys

  22. kill SMOKER says:

    i download left 4 dead 2 funny

  23. aj says:

    i like lefd xhc

  24. aubrey marie says:

    how to download?

  25. Mariel says:


  26. adawiyah says:

    i want download and play games left 4 dead but i dont’n download the games….anyone can help me….

  27. amado says:

    elmaillusionfor all the people who want to know
    left 4 dead 2 game given here works perfectly. No problems at all.

  28. nazrul says:

    When I open the files….it says ‘The Windows can’t open’,please help me….IDK how to do next.

    • admin says:

      right click on the first file and then choose “open with”. In the programs that you see choose winrar and extract.

  29. SuRpRiSeS says:

    Game is RULEZ !!!!!

  30. Reymark Espeja says:

    how to download “LEFT 4 DEAD 2″ without installer?

  31. cheomg says:

    this is great!but i dunno hw?

  32. cheomg says:

    it take so long at the completing there

  33. ILUVFOOD says:

    can u play it online using steam

    • admin says:

      i dont think steam will let you play online. But there are ways to play it online you need to look for them in Google.

      • joven says:

        where is ISO file?

      • admin says:

        where you extract the rar parts you get the ISO.

  34. احمد says:

    احلى العاب يا امير

  35. isakawsum says:

    Do i have to burn it to a disc?

    • admin says:

      u can use software like daemon tools to mount the ISO, no need to burn a DVD.

  36. xzeedboy says:

    so good

  37. jay says:

    nice good!!!

  38. JOGINTO says:

    THIS WAS So cool

  39. troyampusta says:

    left 4 dead as joined plsss thanks you

    • paul says:

      hey. can help me to download this leaft 4 dead 2 can you?

  40. HELPME says:

    how to download using jdownloader?

  41. Hope says:

    how do i download!?!?!?

  42. kevin says:

    this game is fun

  43. kevin says:

    how do you download it on j downloader

  44. asar says:

    i will like this game

    so download for this game

  45. asar says:

    THIS WAS so cool

  46. ahmed says:

    it sucks

  47. exdkiller says:

    good game

  48. Rasmus says:

    how do im install this game

    • admin says:

      instructions about how to install are given in first comment. read and follow to install the game and play.

    • AL JERIC says:


      • shafiq says:

        i want this game

  49. sozai says:


    • yuri says:

      how to download this game

      • LEANDROS says:

        NICE GAME

  50. Non says:

    i want this game

    • botl says:

      i want this game

      • noah says:


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