Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter

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In Medal of Honor Warfighter you will be playing as two characters on is Stump and the other is Preacher. Your objectives will be finding out what the terrorists operations taking place all across the world as well as at home in the USA. Playing as preacher will also reveal his personal story about his wife and daughter and how his family is falling apart because of the ongoing war. To get the real experience of this battle follow the link below for Medal of Honor Warfighter free download.

The settings are quite different from one another but they lack the personality that should have been implemented and is unique to the location. Some of the places that you will play in are Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines and Bosnia.

Even though the tries to throw out some memorable situations it fails to create an authentic experience which was advertised during the marketing campaign for this game. You see a run of the mill shooter and nothing more. The developers and publishers should have said so in the first place and that would have steered them clear of the expectations that we had from them after the marketing stunt. Download Medal of Honor Warfighter free for PC then see for yourself, how you enjoy it.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Free Download

Even though the developers messed up the marketing and failed to deliver the goods, there is still a good shooter in this. Many reviews said its not good as the Call of Duty series but some of us played it very recently and found that its very enjoyable and looks good for a FPS. If you want to try it then get Medal of Honor Warfighter PC download from below.

The atmosphere and the settings are really good and some of the car chase sequences are great as well. In one section you will be avoiding petrol cars by hiding by the side of the road while new instructions are passed onto you. This looked a lot like the real world scenario that this game wanted to play us in. The campaigns on their own are neatly done but as a combined story they lack the feeling of a massive War game. Still we are sure that you will enjoy it the way we did. Link below gives you the Medal of Honor Warfighter free download for PC which has the full version of the game.

Download Medal of Honor Warfighter Free for PC


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Get all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install. using the setup given in Fairlight folder on DVD 1
    4. Apply crack at the end of the setup when asked or Copy all files from Fairlight folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk) to manually apply the same crack.
    5. Play. Block the game using firewall.

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    plss help me to download the medal of honor war fighter

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    How the Download MOH Warfighter ? Help me !

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