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Need for Speed The Run Free Download PC

Need for Speed The Run is the 18th game in this long running Need for Speed series by Electronic Arts. Full version of this game can be downloaded for free from the direct link given at the end of this article. The game has been released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and here you can download the Windows PC version of the game. Need for Speed The Run return the series back to high speed street racing and away from the track racing. NFS The Run is given for Free Download on this page.

Need for Speed The Run is the first game to use real locations. You are in a high stakes underground racing trying to get to New York from San Francisco. You will make stops at Las Vegas, Denver and Detroit and some other locations as well. This time cops are not your only problem as you race through the cities, mountains and cross borders and run through traffic at a breakneck speed. Need for Speed The Run Free Download for PC is given at end of this article.

Need for Speed The Run has more than 300 km of track for you to travel which is three times more than the last game Hot Pursuit which makes this the biggest ever track in the NFS series. The Frostbite 2 engine from Dice is used in this game and if you have played Battlefield 3 which uses the same engine then you know you are in for some great visuals. Need for Speed The Run is the first non-shooter game to use this engine. This gives some superb looking visuals and car physics that make the car stick to the road even at great speeds. Keep reading about the game or Download NFS The Run Full Version Free for PC from the link given below.

The game has a storyline which makes you run through many cities at a super fast speed. The Autolog system is present in this game as well which lets you track your progress and compare stats with other players online. Need for Speed The Run Free Download can be done from the direct link given at the bottom of this page.

For the first time the player gets of the car and travels on foot which is a first for Need for Speed series. You also have quick events which give you certain objectives. These events will not be based on hard rules meaning even if you miss some part of the quest you can always complete the quest some other way. The driving gameplay is between that of Hot Pursuit and Shift. Meaning it’s not totally arcade like in Hot Pursuit or a simulator type like in Shift. The cars are taken from the real world and each car throws a different challenge while driving the usual mix of Muscle Cars, Exotic Cars and street cars are present. Need for Speed The Run Free Download is available from the link given at the end.

The story of Need for Speed The Run follows Jackson Rourke. Jack gets involved in an unpleasant incident and a mysterious crime organization has marked him as a target and now is on his trail. Jack’s only option for survival is to flee from the area. Jack is in a tight situation due to the incident and owes a lot of money which he cannot repay. Sam Harper, an associate of Jack sends him to a massive illegal street racing event called ‘The Run’. The Run is an event which starts in San Francisco and ends in New York City over 3000 mile long race. Sam tells him the prize money which is a big one is enough to get him away from the crime organization but there are over 200 racers to compete and defeat to win the race. The Police and the crime organization are complicating things for Jack and they don’t want him even to complete the race. Need for Speed The Run Free Download is given below just click on the link and start downloading.

Need for Speed The Run has received mixed reviews. Some websites giving it a very positive review and some others giving a little less positive but all of them are good. So you are not in bad spot if you are playing this game. On the graphics and visual fronts the game performs really well and the frostbite 2.0 shows its muscle. For the fans of the series Need for Speed The Run is another one in the line of street racing games and they will enjoy it no matter what. So if you are a fan or even a first timer then the following link will let you Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free.

Download Need for Speed The Run Full Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD.
    3. Mount DVD 1 and start install. when asked for DVD 2 unmount DVD 1 then mount DVD2 and continue installation.
    4. Copy all files from Crack folder from DVD2 to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (18th March 2012)… Enjoy!!!

    • sam says:

      did it take a long time to unlocked

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      i want to download this game

      • FENIL says:

        hey i want to download a nfs the run please how to download tell me now

      • james bond says:

        abe itna mujhe pata hota to me abhi khel nahi raha hota is game ki CDs mere pas hai lakin install nahi ho raha hai jabki mere pas i5 processor hai or window 7 bhi hai

      • saifabbasi says:

        download this game very easily

    • Ayaan says:

      i am just downloading i hope it works thankk you for Install Instructions.

      • shivam says:

        it’s work or not ????.

      • kamran says:

        please send me the instructions too

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  2. Superb says:

    thanks… works great…

    • Buhle says:

      Wre dd u download nfs the run plz tel me

    • saifabbasi says:

      great game

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  4. FaSim says:

    this works yuuuuuuhhhuuuuuuuuu!!!!

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    • Ultimate says:

      where did you downlaod need for speed the run?

  5. rddf says:

    download nfs the run

    • wahab sheikh says:

      I want to download this game

      • rhym ngayoga says:

        need for speed the run

  6. speedbreaker says:

    nice. thx uploader

  7. most912 says:

    finalllllly i was waiting 4 it i hope it is the limited edition

  8. Syoaran says:

    Thankz Mate

    • Buhle says:

      Wre dd u download nfs the run

  9. Joshua says:

    Thank you! :-)

  10. Revan says:

    thanks. so many new games around..

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    thanks a lot..

  12. myterrybear says:

    Yeah thanks uploader

    game looks great

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  14. firstteam says:

    well my pc is this

    i5 2400 at 3.1ghz (not overclocked)
    kingston 8gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram
    msi gtx560Ti 1gb twinfrozr ii
    thermaltake 750w supply

    i should be able to run this in dx11 easily

  15. barros says:

    got the game in record time.. super fast download for me.

    • dani says:

      plzzzzzzz tell me how to download nfs the run.

  16. doo says:

    Thanx. great work. playing it right now.

  17. planner says:

    thanks guys.. you are doing a great job..

  18. Tdurden says:

    thanks 4 up i ll download and play and then i’m going to simply give this game to a friend.

  19. gumbanator says:

    really nice game and looks great.

  20. Dawusa says:

    thank you

    been playing it for an hour no problems whatsoever.

  21. met says:

    Thanx for the upload.
    i was looking for it all over the net for two days. finally got it from here.

  22. philthy1976 says:

    That new Frostbite Game Engine is superb.

  23. jesasedy says:

    Thnx a lot uploader,i’ve been waiting for this game. I hope it’s as great as i think it is.

  24. FINGER says:

    thanks admin for posting this.

  25. rets1972 says:

    Thanks for this. i m going to put it for download and sleep.

  26. stuartyb says:

    cheers m8. really good game.

  27. gates says:

    a very big thank you from Germany.

    the game is playing great already played for 3 hours.

  28. XDarkAngel says:

    I already finished the game within a day.

    Thank You for the free download

  29. SiriusB says:

    Thank you….very much!!

  30. creek says:

    the last game i remebered that i enjoyed was nfs most wanted

  31. asnorton says:

    this game really works guys. if you are thinking about if it will work or no then dont think anymore coz i have tested it.

  32. fisher says:

    Thank you, works really good, really good driving feel.

  33. leovargas says:

    Really works, I just installed it and followed instructions.

  34. nicktheman says:

    Man this game is the nuts! Been waiting so long for a decent arcade nfs game and this fits the bill bwoy!

    Top graphics, responsive control, (I have choice of steering wheel or xbox pc pad) and no frame rate loss! Quality all round!

  35. aadrink says:

    many thanks! itching to start the game.

  36. bassmanstyle says:

    Thankyou uploader have been looking forward to this one.

  37. walidafg says:

    hey! downloaded the game and installed it. no problems playing it.

  38. rets1972 says:

    well just tryed it for the first time and wow graphics are great on 1080p game runs smooth to currently at las vegas lets see what other surprises pop up :) hehe

  39. Cockney says:

    thanks Reloaded and to the original uploader here.

  40. steve007uk says:

    Thanks for the upload game is working fine for me.

    I had a slight problem with my pad but was once again easy to fix using xinputemu3, It makes the game think my pad is an xbox pad then worked just fine.

    xinputemu3 might work with real xbox pads to so give it a try.

  41. griffo says:

    got the game working after sorting the graphics out

  42. Tipsy says:

    I used a PS3 controller.. Worked a treat for me.

  43. micke says:

    Thank you.. works like a charm.

  44. massbad says:


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  46. MAXIM says:

    does it run on intel hd graphic card?


    i have win 7 ultimate with dx11

    • admin says:

      i dont think it will run on integrated graphics like Intel.

  47. ahmed azad says:

    how many GB it take

  48. Mohit says:

    Not Working

    • DFGF says:

      whats not working. Plz explain so that we can help.

  49. raja says:

    its works in 2 Gb ram
    ah please tell me urjent i want download it

    • admin says:

      yes it will work

    • lin kuei says:


    • TARIQ says:

      raja how did you download nfs the run please tell me now

      • jokey says:

        do you think that this download is complete

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