Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Free for PC

Konami brings out the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 game for PC. Full version of this PC game is available for free download from this site. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 or PES 2011 is in direct competition with Fifa 11 from EA sports. PES 11 has been improved with the addition of some of the new gameplay options and some new controlling options. They have developed this game to keep it as close to real soccer as possible.

Inclusion of the new power bar in the game is a welcome addition. This bar shows with how much power you have passed the ball or shot it towards goal. The game has introduced new passing moves as well. You can now pass the balls long into open spaces or play 1-2 passes or play a short passing game. This helps you to control the tempo of the game. The new AI give more control to you without taking its own control. You will be running in spaces for the ball or looking for through ball on your way. In PES 11 you will need to sense the play and play accordingly rather than running around chasing the ball. If you want to Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Free Full Version Game for PC then look at the end of this page. You will find the link to do just that.

The Fifa games are getting more and more popular as the series goes on and PES is lagging behind them. PES 2011 is not the best game from Konami when compared to Fifa 11. But they have taken steps in the right direction to getting to the place they were in the past with new additions to the core gameplay. The players physic has been worked upon. No longer are all of them looking like action heroes. They are more real looking than ever with the in game players more like their real counterparts. The new movements for the players give you the satisfaction of completing a shot on goal.

The graphics have also been improved than the previous iteration of the game. Passing technique has been revamped and the ball will no longer go to the nearest player available. Instead it will go where you passed it exactly. This is what every football fan wants. This type of gameplay will help you to play some deadly through balls. The game is improving a lot as the series goes on. Give this game a try if you love the game of soccer. The link below will let you Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Free for PC.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Extract all the parts using 7zip or Winrar to get a ISO Image
    2. Burn the image on DVD or mount it in daemon tools lite.
    3. Install the game, when asked for a serial enter one of the serials given on download page
    4. Copy over the files in the crack folder to the PES 11 folder in Program files or where you installed the game.
    5. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (18th Feb 2012)… Enjoy!!!

    • mouad says:

      I need download pes evolution soccer 2011

    • najieb says:

      i like this game

  2. yinger says:

    Many Thanks For This.

    What with FIFA 11 installed yesterday and this today I can see a lot of nagging from the Mrs. on the horizon!

  3. sinister08 says:

    thanks for this mate and im in the same dilema as yinger lol

  4. Kyle says:

    Thanks … been waiting for this forever… Much appreciation

  5. EddieBR says:

    Thanks man!

  6. KingStone says:

    finally the king is back … now fifa time is end as usual

    • ala tdj says:


  7. azamba says:

    Which languages this one have?

    • SAFC says:

      It has many languages which include English, Dutch, Swedish and more

      I Hope You All Enjoy This Game

  8. deha says:

    I downloaded this. Thank you so much.

  9. cadeira says:

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks dude!!!!!

  10. toontje says:

    thanks for this game. PES 11 is the best football game ever.

    • kisenga msiri says:


  11. ozzye says:

    thank you i was waithing for this :O

  12. raqu says:

    Why is ibrahimovic still playin @ barcalona and not in milan ???? =D=D

  13. molaza says:

    thanks for this game

  14. barros says:

    This, sir, is appreciated.
    Thank you very much, I’ll send feedback as soon as possible.

  15. GrimReape says:

    cheers, definately worth downloading

  16. vegetafever says:

    this year fifa 2011 way better than pro 2011.

  17. djkillers says:

    It works great But i have a question is this the full version or demo?

    • Kyle says:

      to clarify … THIS IS 100% FULL VERSION.. this is the game you will get when you buy

  18. alaatony says:

    thx man
    i love this game!!!

  19. vanillasky says:

    thank you dude, especially for %100 turkish language

  20. mert says:

    Thank you, works fine, xbox controller for Windows works also

  21. Paul says:

    Thanks a million.

  22. curbi says:

    what a very nice game worth downloading

  23. zack says:

    how to download pes 2011 ???

  24. Alexis says:

    Exellent game


    really good

  26. me q says:

    better one

  27. youngstax says:

    i lyk it….i gotta share dis on facebook

  28. suhail says:

    not yet download n install likely its good

  29. sueprfly says:

    Great stuff, simply great!

  30. santi vlor says:

    loje e bukur

  31. Zacky Arnold Addison says:

    no comment

  32. George says:

    pes 2011 is so good

  33. sarn wongnatee says:

    download games pes evolution 2012

  34. Jovial says:

    It is a very nice game

  35. tayef says:

    pes 11 is very good :D

    • Basit says:

      ciao mi chiamo Basit sono da lecco

  36. derrick armah says:

    i really like this game.

  37. derrick armah says:

    i like this game and it is interesting

  38. sande jacob says:

    the game is of good quality.

  39. sande jacob says:

    reduce on the procedures one goes through to download the game.

  40. sande jacob says:


  41. Alee says:

    Nice one

  42. Levi maheo says:

    waoo i like it

  43. liron says:


  44. zecop says:

    plizzzzzzzzzzzz games in the free download

  45. messi says:

    download download pes 1011

  46. elvis says:

    i want to download pes 2011 for pc

  47. joshua nortey says:

    i luv pes 2011 on my pc

  48. mooooo says:


  49. hoy says:

    it is work

  50. LISA says:

    I like it

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