Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third

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Saints Row The Third Free Download

Saints Row 3 or the more popular name Saints Row The Third is a action adventure game set in an open world. You can download full version of this game for free from the direct link given at the end of this page. This game is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was published by THQ. Saints Row The Third has been released for the two major consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s also available for Windows PC which you can download for free from the link given below.

The game takes place in a fictional city called Steelport and you are again controlling the leader of a gang, the Third Street Saints. This is the third game in the Saints Row series after Saints Row 2 was released on 2008. Two gangs are fighting over control of the city, you are the leader of the Saints gang and your enemies are The Syndicate gang. Saints Row The Third Free Download is given at the bottom of this article.

The game gives you the action in a third person view with many driving sequences strewn around. The combat as usual is a trademark of Saints Row series with the open world urban warfare. You are the leader of the Saints exploring the city of Steelport and you will be performing the missions given in order for the story to move forward. There are side missions other than the main story which can be played. The side missions include defeating a rival gang base to take control of that part of the city also there are Flashpoints which means immediate war with the rivals on the spot. Skip directly to the end to Download Saints Row The Third Full PC Game Free.

You get rewards like money, cars, weapons and respect from other members of the gangs after successfully completing these missions. The respect you gain is given in terms of experience points which you can use the improve attributes like firearm skills and melee combat. Saints Row The Third Free Download is available from the link given at the end of this page.

You have a new leveling system where each time your character levels up you can use the points to improve attributes. The money you earn can be used to buy other items like weapons, cars, clothes or for upgrading the weapons or cars with some better firepower. Gang members can also be upgraded using the money with new clothing and appearance. You can set up 4 styles for your gang and switch between them in game. You can also buy shops and properties in Steelport city which will give you a constant income stream. The missions can be completed using different tactics with different outcomes. You can destroy items of rival gangs or capture them and add them to your gang. Download Saints Row The Third Full Free from the link below.

Saints Row The Third is a adult game with violence and sex as the main driving forces. These are the things we all like and will enjoy this game while doing that. You are thrown into an open world where you are allowed to do whatever you want. The game is not to be taken seriously but enjoyed while playing and that’s how the developers saw it. The graphics are great and the city looks very good but sometimes you will see bad animations. The soundtracks are good and the voice acting is superb except in some parts. You can finish playing the main campaign of the game within 15 hours but there is a lot more content to be played after that as well. Following link will give you Saints Row The Third Free Download for PC.

Download Saints Row The Third Full Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from SKIDROW folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (9th May 2012)… Enjoy!!!

  2. Zodiak says:

    Links are screwed…

    • admin says:

      Oops sorry for that. All links have been fixed and working now.

  3. Revan says:

    Nice.. thank you

  4. wraith says:


    massive thanks u great Uploader

  5. Ra1dMaX says:

    so many new big games….gonna become a insomniac

  6. corpio says:

    Thanks!!! been waiting for this!!!!

  7. Joshua says:

    Thanks mate!

  8. Inzhaine says:


    Gonna take a while to dl I guess I should go sleep for couple of hours.

    Can anyone confirm this works?

    • smgrgn says:

      yes it work. no problems on my PC so far.

  9. Syoaran says:

    WOOT!! You rock have been waiting for it xD

  10. gymorris says:

    this has been an awesome site. I’ve been on a long time. Thank you.

  11. bassmanstyle says:

    Still playing Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and LA noire!!! So many good games so little time. Thanks uploader and thanks software developers.

  12. killjo says:

    GOD DAMN IT. LA noire, Skyrim and now Saints Row 3. MY god, goodbye social life, for atleast 3 months

  13. SiriusB says:


    The game works on Windows 7!!!!

  14. Travbrown says:

    Awesome ive been checking this before and after work so i can have it ready to play when i get home. thanks alot for the upload much appreciated. La Noire, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and now this. God its gonna be a good weekend.

  15. XxMoDoxX says:

    FINALLY !! thanks :P

  16. trust says:

    Excellent. Fast download speed and the game works perfect. Thanks alot upload!

  17. billy says:

    thanks mate. works great.

  18. bubbachunks says:

    many thanks

  19. speedbreaker says:

    another stupid game.well its great with graphics and story and funny and all that stuff but its stupid at the same time cause it doesnt keep the resolution and overall settings i make when i start the game again plus fps on max are between 30-40 fps.minimum 30 average 33-35 maximum 40 or above but rarely.

  20. Kushed says:


  21. Thepriest2 says:

    Thanks alot

  22. russellfried says:

    Awesome upload but such low FPS on this game.

  23. stuartyb says:

    cheers m8

  24. strakosh says:

    stopped working on start

    here is how i fixed it

    uninstall saints row the third, uninstall Steam then installed game and copied only the exe files to the game folder.

  25. kompu says:


  26. kos77 says:

    Lets try it and hope it works.Thank you uploader.Nice up.

  27. Globaloney says:

    Game is working fine. thank for uploading it for free.

    Is there any way to get rid of all the extra bonuses you immediately receive?

  28. Odyssos says:

    Cool game who doesn’t like to beat up friends with a dildo :P

  29. donatozepe says:

    thanks… excellent..

  30. saidparsa says:

    awesome thank you

  31. ki says:

    Saints Row 3 does glitch rarely for me, but overall works fine.

  32. PayThePrice says:

    Works with my main computer e8400 3.8GHz oc’d dc, 8800 gts 512mb oc’d, 8gb ddr2, win7 64 ultimate…

  33. scyther says:

    if you have win 32 vista and you get the “saints row the third has stopped working” error you need to uninstall steam and only use the cracked .exe files and not the .dlls and the other steam related ones. If steams installed and you do this it will just open up steam..

  34. jackass says:

    working on win 7. thanks

  35. scot00 says:

    Thanks for the Up..

    Downloaded,extracted,installed and runs seemless..

    Granted only on medium but my pc is getting old..
    AMD 5000+ xII win 7 64 bit nvidia 9500gt 8 gig ram

  36. KittyCaTz says:

    Thank you…… :)

  37. Jakeo says:

    run flawlessly on an 8800GT

  38. xtree says:

    Working great for me. thank you sir.

  39. Brandon says:

    Link broked! pls fix it admin, thx

    • admin says:

      thanks for letting us know. The dead links have been removed and new working links added.

  40. taj uddin says:

    what’s up

  41. msgetz says:

    does it work with windows vista?

    • admin says:

      i think it does work

  42. shubham karande says:


  43. jai says:


  44. Abhijeet Das says:

    da links r dead, it doesn’t work…….!!!!!

    • admin says:

      thanks for letting us know. All the links have been fixed today (9th May 2012). Enjoy the game!!

  45. Adonis says:

    Cant they pack it into one download it will take me hours dose it still work?

    • admin says:

      Sorry if the parts are put together then everyone will need a premium account to download which is not possible for everyone. To keep it free downloading for direct links the game is split into parts. If you need a single link then use the torrents

      • Adonis says:

        I see if thats how it is i have no choice this game is worth it :D

  46. o.o says:

    For some reason when i start it it just gose all black and nothing happens did I do it wrong? Also I don’t know were to put the skidrow file is there a folder in specific?

    • admin says:

      from SKIDROW folder you have to copy all the files. Then you have to paste it in Saints Row folder in Program Files (Where you have installed the game)

      • o.o says:

        I got it from the torrent but its not a folder its just one file that says skidrow.nfo

        I think im missing the skidrow files but thats about it

      • admin says:

        Do you have the ISO file and did you mount the ISO in daemon tools or did you burn it on DVD. Only then you will find the SKIDROW folder inside that DVD.

    • o.o says:

      I mounted it since i didint have any empty DVD’s Do i need one?

      • admin says:

        no need. Its better this way.

      • o.o says:

        Alright imma try again to see if it works but all it did was start the set up for the game i didint see any folders

      • admin says:

        Dont double click it. right click on the DVD and click open

  47. mark says:

    nice :) )

  48. rafael says:

    nice saint row i love this game super awesome

  49. abdul says:

    this is the best downloa website everrrrr!

  50. Kohenz says:

    What kind of computers are you guys using alien ware? or just a normal one?

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