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Sleeping Dogs

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Download Sleeping Dogs Free for PC

Sleeping Dogs is a game similar to the GTA series of games and belong to the open world action adventure genre. The developer is United Front Games and the game has been published by Square Enix. Sleeping Dogs is available on all major gaming platforms that include Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. This page refers to the PC version of Sleeping Dogs and that’s what you will be getting here. The game was first developed as a part of the True Crimes series but it was shelved by Activision permanently until Square Enix bought the rights and developed it as an individual title. Sleeping Dogs free download for PC is now available from the link given below.

In this game you will be playing the role of an undercover cop. The game is set in Hong Kong and that’s where you will go undercover in one of the most dangerous worlds of underground crowd. Your main aim is to infiltrate the Triads that control every underground work in the city and take them down one by one. Wei Shen is the name of your character who is an officer of the San Francisco Police Department, he has been sent to Hong Kong on request. Sleeping Dogs free PC download is given here, just go to the end and start downloading.

Hand to hand combat is the main feature of Sleeping Dogs and with the martial arts at hand you won’t need any weapons to play around with. You won’t get any weapons until late in the game as well. You will be playing the third person perspective. You can drive any vehicle you can find on the streets or walk and run to your destination if you prefer that. As we said earlier the combat depends heavily on the martial arts skills and less on the arsenal of weapons you have. Sleeping Dogs free download is now online for download; go get it from the link below.

Sleeping Dogs is a really good game with great visuals. The gameplay is superb as well with sleek animations to show your fighting skills. Link below gives you to download full version of Sleeping Dogs free for PC.

Download Sleeping Dogs Full Version Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from SKIDROW folder (DVD) to installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Additional Instructions

    Use Launcher.exe, included with the cracked content, for setting the language of your choice.

    Also Remember to block game in firewall. and allow buddha.dll access through your antivirus program by adding an exception, or else game will not work!

  2. shahbaz says:

    nice game

  3. SDawg says:


  4. MisterBond says:

    Thanks for the upload I will try this one & Tell you guys whether it work or no

    • MisterBond says:

      ok so installed this big game and i confirm this works great. So download and enjoy guys a really good game, just like GTA with lots of kungfu style fighting.

  5. moamen says:

    thanks uploader

  6. minime says:

    Thanks :)

  7. operandi says:

    Does this release need Directx 11 ?

    • MisterBond says:

      @operandi no it is enhanced for Direct X 11 but will work without it as well.

  8. SiriusB says:

    Thanks for the upload. works nicely

  9. guff says:

    thanks for the up ill probably figure this out eventually how to install it ha ha :D :D

    • guff says:

      just took 5 minutes to figure it out. :D :)

  10. AdrianB says:


  11. trixiebabe says:

    Thanks. confirm working!!

  12. Easyvue says:

    worked for me, tnkx

  13. adevine says:

    damn, the game worked for me but i had an issue where the xbox controller would stop working and the keyboard and mouse would kick in. then i would have to shut the game and restart.

    • adevine says:

      found a simple solution i just had to restart windows and everything back to normal no more fucking up from the game using controller.

      btw forgot to say thanks before. so thanks a lot guys

  14. nemowho says:

    this original up and Hitman both work flawlessly for me.

  15. pikalbert says:

    my machine runs this games like a champ. :P

  16. Jionix says:

    This worked for me. thanks and cheers for some nice games

  17. andressergio says:

    upload works as a charm

  18. TheGhoster says:

    This works perfectly, if it’s not working for some people it’s probably their fault. Cheers.

  19. 007 says:

    I installed this game from this site and it worked perfectly!

  20. moamen says:

    works great
    i installed the game ( first time )
    copy the crack and it works and save

  21. Joshua says:

    Thank you! :-)

  22. praeg says:

    Thanks to the uploader for this

  23. maikelmb says:

    Works great!!

    Install the game and after, the update 1.4 + crack.

  24. 1010pete says:

    Thanks for the game. really enjoying it

  25. PSi says:

    First thanks for the up.

    Secondly me and my bro are fighting who gets to play this game. I won ha ha ha :P

  26. noblesite says:

    Thank you for the upload!

  27. SiriusB says:

    Thank you :)

  28. musclenerd says:

    worked like a charm. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

  29. naumansadiq says:

    Thank you uploader.. The original install and crack worked perfectly for me and no problem with saving either.. works well! I did have steam already installed though! Love this game pretty damn fun!

  30. fourbytwo says:

    Thanks. i suggest yo guys install steam if you are having any problems of not starting the game

  31. refael says:

    thanks a lot!!!

  32. mo0o0diiii says:

    works nicely. thanks

  33. nitesh says:

    nice one

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