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The Darkness 2

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The Darkness 2 Free Download for PC

The Darkness 2 is a sequel to the first game The Darkness and is developed by Digital Extremes. You can download full version of The Darkness 2 PC game for free from the direct link given at the bottom of this page. The Darkness 2 is published by 2K Games and was delayed twice in 2011 and is finally released in February of 2012. The game has also been released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This page gives you the PC version of The Darkness 2.

The Darkness 2 has a unique graphic noir type of style to the entire game which has been kept from the first game and improved in the second game. The look is of a graphic novel with every frame looking like it’s taken from a graphic novel. The colors, environment and the characters are all reminding what type of gameplay you can expect from this game. Keep reading to know more about the game or skip to the end for Darkness 2 free download.

The combat system in Darkness 2 is far better than the first game but the story will take some time to become gripping. The first game had a great story and it was a little easier to understand the beginning of the story. Darkness 2 also has a good story but you will start liking it only after you play the game for some time. After the events of the first game Jackie the main character of the game has learned to control the beast he hides inside him, The Darkness. He also has kept control over his family but as some unknown entity attacks his family, the monster in him is released. Now he is faced with a difficult challenge of controlling the Darkness within him with the memories of his past of losing his love. Download Darkness 2 Full Version Free for PC from the link given below.

You might feel the story to be a bit slow and boring and if you have played the first game then some parts might feel they have been taken from the original story itself but as you play the game the story will engross you and suck you in and take you to the end with a bang. The feeling of the character about his loved one, Jenny is another part of the game, a personal part of the Jackie.  Loss of Jenny has made a lot of difference to Jackie character and his emotions.

The story has slow moments of the game involving Jackie and Jenny and these moments slow down the pace of the game but immediately you will be forced into a epic battle with greater speed that before. Darkness 2 free download is given below this story.

Jackie has 4 arms now, the two demonic arms complementing his two human arms. The human arms give him the ability to dual wield the weapons all the while giving him the ability to use his demonic arms for further destruction. With the inclusion of the four arms the game becomes more fun to play and you will not be thinking how am I going to survive but how will have more fun killing the enemies. You can find countless way to kill enemies and the new skill system lets you experiment with new kill maneuvers. Killing the enemies the normal way by a gun will give you less experience points but using your demonic powers in conjunction with anything you have will yield a lot more points. These points are important as you will need new skills to kill the tougher enemies that await you in the later stages of the game. Free download of Darkness 2 is given at the end of this page.

Even with so many things being done correctly there are things that need to be fixed. Bugs are a plenty in each level like enemies falling through floors, animation problems and other minor issues mar the gameplay. The frame rates sometimes kill all the fun. Even with these issues the game never feels like you need to stop but they do harm the overall experience and make the game feel not yet finished. The game has multiplayer far better than the original but with this cracked game you cannot play multiplayer unless you find some cracked servers.

So even though the game has issues and the story being a tad slow to begin with, The Darkness 2 delivers on all other fronts and makes it a good start for the year 2012. The vital breakpoints that mix the personal life of Jackie to his destructible self, pace the game wonderfully. The game does well in separating the brutal and the gentle parts. Darkness 2 free download is available at the link given below this story.

The noir graphic style suite swell to the theme of the game and the sound system is well as well. The voice acting takes the game a notch higher in sound department. The combat system with human and demonic arms is a treat to play with despite the issues and the levels are well designed. The campaign mode is short if you are a good shooter but there always a chance to come back a second time with all the powers unlocked for more fun. Following link will give you Darkness 2 free download.

Download Darkness 2 Full Version Free for PC

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from SKIDROW folder (DVD) to installation folder of Darkness 2 in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

  2. jacki jan says:

    cool game

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    thank you very much!

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    oh yeah, come to pappa….

    thx man, cant wait to start it

  6. MisterBond says:

    Thanks for the upload. Heard good things about this game.

  7. shazz999 says:

    sweet thx…looks real good

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    Thanx to the uploader.

  10. Omen says:

    Nice and fast, thanks mate

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  12. Nuhmekit says:

    Thanks, Nice Up! But I heard from around the way that the fix doesn’t enable the gore feature. Guess I’ll know if & when someone posts if it does! Respect

  13. jazib says:

    is it working properly with no problems??

    • jazib says:

      i think this version is fine with no probs.. played it for some time on my pc

  14. Nuhmekit says:

    much appreciated dood!!!

  15. panther says:


  16. YodaGoneMad says:

    Thank you, anyone confirm the gore works with this one?

    • BornDead says:

      yepp works great..

      thanks admin for posting so quickly.

  17. angil says:

    Thanks for the up!! its been getting asked all around. Does this contain gore? i wouldn’t understand why it would be censored… but just want to make sure, Thanx! XD

  18. ThaiKatY2k says:

    thanks a lot guys!! keep up the good work

  19. xxprakashxx says:

    Gore it censored.

  20. chaos says:

    I’m going to look into it

  21. Cage says:

    Thanks to the uploader

  22. krull says:

    thnx for the up, will give it a go

  23. rijsa says:

    Wow excellnet thanks uploader!

  24. Nu says:

    the Gore really makes this game, The Darkness II….

    Someone will upload a Gore/Multi-Player fix in due time for we, truss me!!

  25. fishboy says:

    its not the release thats the problem, you need to use greenluma and have steam installed and then you get gore and can play online, gore doesnt work with any release unless you go the greenluma route then it works for all releases

  26. tamer says:

    thx 4 up

  27. happyfeet says:

    thank you nice one

  28. oldfriend says:

    great job thanks looks good

  29. Fool says:

    can someone tell me which languages are included?

    • oldfriend says:

      it has multiple languages

  30. stuartyb says:

    cheers m8

  31. wolfscarah says:

    cheers will give it a go

  32. fahri says:

    i hope 4 uncut version

    thx 4 up

  33. kopatalic says:

    Thank you. works fine

  34. Odyssos says:

    game is working great. followed the instructions and everything is running smoothly

    thanks you!!!
    thanks you!!!
    thanks you!!!

  35. ALY EL DIN says:


    • admin says:

      just go to download page and start downloading parts one at a time by copying them in your browser or use jDownloader software and add all links at once press the start button

  36. Romario says:

    this site is sweet

  37. Romario says:

    i want to download a game from this site

  38. angil says:

    A gore patch has been released from Skidrow!

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    thank you. good game

  42. Drivemaster says:

    Many Thanks sir. like this game very much and free download is what i was looking for.

  43. fourbytwo says:


    i tryed the the game did not work for me. get black screen with sound doing my head in lol

    • fourbytwo says:

      damn!! just updated the drivers and everything is back to normal and working condition. thanks a lot for free darkness2 game

    • hamed says:

      right click on desktop and go to nvidia control panel > manage 3D settings > program settings > select a program to costumize > select the darkness II then in setting option change Antialiasing mode & Anisotropic filtering to Application-Controlled > apply your problem is solved .
      sorry for my english im persian

  44. SiriusB says:

    Thanks! this is a great game

  45. eagle says:

    thanks you
    thanks you
    thanks you

  46. setneckstat says:

    Thank you so much for this upload

  47. starmanuk says:

    always nice to see people taking the time to help each other out

  48. kofisamurai says:

    MASSIVE TY uploader looks sweet as on my faithful 5850, installed with gore patch, been a good start to 2012 with games so far may they keep coming …

  49. yaamakoh says:

    thanks uploader. Release works flawlessly. For those that have issues getting through the vents when you’re the minion turning on v-sync fixes the issue. Actually any graphical glitch on where you can’t get pass a section is probably related to that.

  50. sizeman says:

    Any hints on why this game has no audio?Same problem. Audio device is undefined. .

    • thenoble says:

      At last i found the solution… sizeman the solution is go to Microsoft and download directx. it fixed all sounds issues…

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