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The Sims 3 is a life simulation game and the third in the series of Sims games. Full Version Sims 3 PC game can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this article. The game was released for Windows PC, Apple Mac and later for Xbox 360. Electronic Arts published this game.

The Sims series for a long time has been the most successful gaming franchise and even though the hardcore gamers laugh at this game there are thousands of others who love this game and will play it no matter what. The Sims games have seen great success over the years and have been seen in top ten in gaming leaderboards. Many of these gamers are females this explains the huge success of this game. Sims 3 is a game which lets you live a life that is different to yours and lets you achieve things that you dream about in the real life. If you have played the earlier Sims games then you will feel right at home with The Sims 3 and you will not be disappointed with the new things that can do in this new version. Keep reading to know how to Download Sims 3 Free.

If you have read about this new installment of Sims then you probably know that this game changes things quite a bit. Most prominent is the change in how many lots you can go to. In the earlier version you only had your lot and you couldn’t leave it but with The Sims 3 things are different this time an entire town is open for you to roam around. This has been a great feature and no longer are you confined to your home. This gives you some fresh air and prevents the gameplay from being repetitive. After you play The Sims 3 you will realize that you were missing these elements in the earlier versions. Now you can have multiple Sims do different things at different locations like you can send someone to school, someone for shopping and someone to gym all at the same time effortlessly. This gives it a more natural feeling. If you ignore your Sim then with the new free will system will kick in and the Sim will do as it pleases. Skip to the end if you want to directly Download Sims 3 Free.

As the entire town is open for you it can be seen that other Sims are also enjoying their time and doing stuff. Sims also go through the age cycle as before and they will get old and die and new Sims will take their place. The sims have been given different character traits like some are party animals, some are geeks, brave and so on. The game has also improved indoors where you have to take control of your sims needs. No longer do you have to take your sim to bathroom all the time like in the old games. Still The Sims 3 is a game which need time management where you have a lot of things that need to be done and a limited amount of time. You also have to consider the sims wishes along with their basic food and other needs. Long term needs like learning and mastering new skills or getting promoted at job. The link given at the end of this page will let you Sims 3 Free Download.

The Sims 3 has maintained some things as they were before like when your sim goes to work you have to wait till they finish and come home until you can do anything. But EA have given us a new expansion that will take care of this issue called The Sims 3 Ambitions. Other expansions that have been released for The Sims 3 are, The Sims 3 World Adventures, The Sims 3 Late Night and the latest one is The Sims 3 Generations. All these new expansions have added things that we feel were missing in the original game and thus make it a complete life simulation experience. Another plus point of The Sims 3 is that it has been optimized well and no longer will you see the drop in frame rates though some people will say that the graphics are not up to the mark compared to today’s standards. Sims 3 download free from the link given below this page.

Overall this is the best game in the series and if you are a fan of the Sims then you shouldn’t miss this one. There a lot of things that you can do with this new game and even if you still played The Sims 2 this new game will blow you away with the possibilities. Though there are more things that can be achieved in this new game you also need to look at the other expansion packs for a complete experience. Follow the link given below to Download The Sims 3 Full Free.

Download The Sims 3 Full Free



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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Mount the ISO in Daemon Tools or burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. If you have updated the game then you nee dot download the updated crack for that version see the link on download page for the updated crack. If not follow step 5.
    5. Copy the cracked files from the DVD from razor1911 folder and paste them in C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin and replace any files that are already present.
    6. Start the game using this TS3.exe file that you copied.

    All the dead links have been removed and new working links added today (3rd June 2013)… Enjoy

    • zyx says:

      how can i download this game?

      • TeamDFGF says:

        use jDownloader to download all the parts.

      • kiran fatima says:

        how we can save my lord :p
        so nice game

      • kiran fatima says:

        yeh thats right its download is so misterious haha iam pakistani my laungauge is soooooooooooo gooooooood i think but iam not sure ahahaha

      • afshan says:

        hi kiran plz tel me how we download this game.

      • meow says:

        please…i wnt this gme..but i dnt know how 2 me..

    • karryXD says:

      the game is not succesifful!!!!!!!! :(

      • admin says:

        what do you mean

      • einjel says:

        hey Mr.admin sir..a little help here please..i want to download this game

      • admin says:

        you need to use correct info or it wont work

      • Sarah says:

        Ok I just wanna download The Sims, for free, full version… But the comments are confusing me… so should I download it or no??? \:

      • admin says:

        Go ahead and download. We will help you all the way till you start playing it.

    • mia says:

      i really wanna play this game but i don’t know how to download it plzzzzzz help somebody

      • admin says:

        See this video. It shows how to download

      • noura harmoudi says:

        really? never knew but how do we download it?

    • Sameera Nassif says:

      Dear Admin ,
      How are you ?
      anyways I wanna ask you how I can download it to mac and and can I add the rest cd’s such as : ( word adventures , into the future and ………… ) or not ?
      and thank you

      • admin says:

        Yes you can add other games the expansion as you asked with this game. You can use a software called jDownloader for downloading. Its avaialble for mac as well. See this video

  2. SnakeByte says:

    thanks alot for the Upload.

  3. EasyRider says:

    thx, the girlfriend gonna love this

    • sophia11 says:

      lol! haha!

  4. phill says:

    yeah thanks a bunch

  5. Bonehead says:

    Dude, My wife will be ecstatic !!

    Top Man !!

  6. rallzor says:

    thanx… i’ll have the files in about an hour

    • pennarasi says:

      hey how i can download tiz game

  7. TrU3Ta1ent says:

    Wow this for real? lol if so


    gf wanted this so bad lol

    • metaplax says:

      yepp it is real. i just gave it to play to my GF. lol made her so happy

  8. tincho says:

    confirmed working playing now

    good job!! thx for sharin this!

  9. C1SK83R says:

    Me & The Wife Thanks You!!!

    • gwendelle says:


  10. SPAMM says:

    My son stills plays SIMS 2 – can’t wait to see his face when I show him this. BIG THANKS for sharing.

  11. touchgamer says:

    my wife and girlfriend and son are going to love this thanks lol

    • jishy says:

      Cheers! My girlfriend/mother/sister will love this Bahaha

  12. culo88 says:

    this is gr8. thx everyone.

  13. JimD123 says:

    You are THE MAN thanks much!!!

  14. Carla says:

    Big thanks for this

  15. Krankster says:

    wooooooohhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooo been waiting a long time for this to come here ty buddy much appreciated for your time and effort …

  16. jcairns says:

    Thankyou, been looking forward to this game for a while

  17. Sambo says:


    been waiting for this GREAT FUNNY GAME !

    a GREAT GIFT !!!

    Thanks for up

  18. creiij says:

    This is just awesome. My wife will love it, as will I =)

  19. ClayC90 says:

    hope it works on my pc

    me and my gf will be fighting now xD “I wanna play it”, “no I wanna play it!”, “ah shut up, I’m gonna play it”, “no! this is not fair”

    lol xD thnx alot man I love the sims games

  20. Dank says:

    Thanks for this, my daughter will be very happy!

  21. sewills says:

    thx a lot. this will be a nice gift to my girlfriend

  22. LFCDANLFC says:

    nearly missed this!

    thank you for this, although im sure my wife will hijack the PC

  23. Sti says:

    Thanks very much for the game . Not my girlfriend will enjoy this , and either my turttle . I will play it !

  24. baconstrips says:

    Guys stop saying this is for GF, Wife, Daughter everyone knows you are the ones going to play it Dont bother lying here.

    lol at all of you.

  25. TrU3Ta1ent says:

    Guys i can confirm this is working 100%

    perfectly working sims 3 no crashers or bugs! As of yet. played for about 1 hour. I wanted some1 to post a comment like this to assure me it was fine, well, here it is. 100% real ENJOY & Thnx

  26. chinny says:


  27. rafikemd says:

    I m starting the game directly using the TS3.exe dont bother with the launcher as it tries to update the game.

  28. lordjnr says:

    I’ve only played for about an hour and OMFG, I forgot how addictive and engrossing the gameplay was. Lots of new stuff to do. You’re able to actually walk out of your house and take a walk in the park, shop for groceries etc. without taking a cab and all. Working is a bit more realistic and you can choose your attitude at work for the day (e.g. work hard, take it easy, chat with colleagues etc.).

    There’s tons more I’ve yet to discover and I’m just as excited as everyone else.

    My wife/girlfriend/mistress/concubine thanks you! She loves it. LOL.

    Works like a charm on XP SP3 here. Runs smoothly at ~50fps for me with all settings on Highest. My rig is -

    Pentium D 3.2GHz
    512MB Geforce 9800GTX+
    2GB RAM

    Okay, back to my newest addiction!

  29. whtvr says:

    That’s the full version right? If yes – you are great ;P

    • calle says:

      Yes its the full version, it works great!

  30. wiggysk says:

    Just in case there are anymore skeptics out there I’m playing it now myself as I type this.

  31. visionviper says:

    My favorite part of this game is building houses. I do that more than actually playing through a sim’s life!

  32. merlin says:

    Works! Great work guys!

  33. arthur says:

    Thanks for the upload! Works great.

  34. ETillman says:

    Sister is really going to love me for a good couple of months lol.

  35. nemowho says:

    is there a way to play this on a mac?

    • nemowho says:

      nevermind found the folder through extensive searching. gf had a mac. macs are so confusing. Its working for her as well.

  36. timeh says:

    I m going to burn the game on 25 DVD’s and gave them to everyone around the house. Everyone is going to love me.

  37. skyler says:

    I just installed it on my Vista64 and played it for an hour.


  38. SPOOKY says:

    How do u marry in the game? Or get engaged?

    • tascha says:

      you need to fall in love then propose

  39. Kalec says:

    Thank you, works great. Everything maxed out, 1680×1050.
    Great game.

  40. tg says:

    Thank you

  41. julius says:

    how can i play this

    • DFGF Team says:

      Just download and follow the instructions to install it.

  42. woofer says:

    this is a great! Thanks..

  43. niki says:

    sorry can one email to me the sims 3 plezzz i cant

  44. COOPER says:

    how can i download this game the sims 3

  45. cats99 says:

    can someone tell me a link the patch i axedently deleted it and i the download links dont work anymore

    • admin says:

      I dont understand what you are asking for..

      • cats09 says:

        im asking for crack for 1.26.89

      • admin says:

        i dont think that crack is available yet for that update. you can check on gamecopyworld. otherwise install the updates till the last crack which is given and then apply the crack.

  46. pooky says:

    does this realy work or does it carry a virus?!?dont trick me!this better work.

    • admin says:

      yes it works. no viruses in it.

  47. For real? says:


  48. Raden says:

    Most links seem to be down again (says jdownloader). Rapidshare was the only one working, but there were 54 files after extracting… and no ISO to mount. Help me please :(

    • admin says:

      Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Zshare, Netload and both the hellshare links are working. Other will be removed and new ones added later.
      Also the 54 files you get you need to extract them again using Winrar and then you will get the ISO. Meaning two times extracting is required.

  49. Svetlana says:

    How we download this game????

    • admin says:

      just go to the link given and download the parts from a single box given. Or use a software called jDownloader which does the downloading of all parts at once.

      • barbie says:

        hmm so nice game

  50. autumn says:

    Hello!Bye Bye

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