The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets

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Download Sims 3 Pets Free Full

The Sims 3 Pets is the 5th expansion for the popular Sims 3 game, full version of which can be downloaded for free from the link given at the end of this story. As you can guess from the title this expansion adds pets in the mix to the Sims 3. Fans of the Sims 3 game were asking for this feature to be included for a long time and so here you have it.

You get to have pets using this expansion pack and the pets that are available are Cats, Dogs and PC exclusive Horses. The expansion was released for both the games in the Sims series The Sims and The Sims 2. People were surprised that this gameplay element was not included in the main game of Sims 3 but as we have seen from Electronic Arts they always include these elements as expansion to make more money. The game includes many new animals like cats, dogs, snakes, horses, deer, rodents, birds turtles and lizard. As we have the ‘create a Sims’ feature, a similar feature to create a pet is present in this expansion. You can Download Sims 3 Pets Free Full Version PC Game from the link given at the bottom.

The pets also have different breeds to choose from and these pets also have different traits and identities. Similar to the Sims you can now control the pets. Pets also have their own skills, quests and also the interactive elements. While playing as a pet you can make money by winning in contents and by finding treasures. Pets cannot work for obvious reasons and they also don’t have lifetime wishes. The town that is included in this game is called Appaloosa Plains. The pets can also mate and give an off-spring. Cross breeding is not allowed and the character traits and genetics will be passed on to the off-springs. Unique characteristics can be assigned to the pets. Keep reading to know more about this new expansion or skip to the end to Download Sims 3 Pets Free Full Game.

The game is also released for consoles but there are differences between the two in the content that is included with them. In PC version you have the parrots and exotic pet birds. This is available for consoles only as a limited edition feature. Every pet has its own different need and the Sims can play with them using the laser beams in case of cats. Unicorns are also present and you need to find them. Unicorns have abilities and they can create fire and stuff like that. Sims can also use the horses for riding. The pets can only die of old age and so the dogs can swim in swimming pools but will not drown in them. Sims 3 Pets Free Download is possible from the links given on download page. You can have up to 6 pets in a single household this takes the maximum number of Sims that can reside in given house to 10. You can also interact with your pets as you do with other Sims. All the pets have different age of dying with horses and cats having more time to live then dogs.

Overall this is a fun addition to the game and the fans of the series will love these new pets. So get this game for some more fun with your Sims. Following link will let you Download Sims 3 Pets Free Full.

Download Sims 3 Pets Full Expansion Free

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game. (Use the keygen flt-ts3p.exe from Fairlight folder to generate a serial number)
    4. Copy all files from Fairlight folder (DVD) to The Sims 3 installation folder in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Update: All the dead links have been removed and new working links added today (4th June 2013)… Enjoy!!!

    • DanceBabe says:

      so it doesn’t need to be uploaded to a disc if not what do i upload it too??? im soooooooo confuzzed!!

      • admin says:

        you can use daemon tools software which creates a virtual DVD and mount the ISO file in that. It will show like a regular DVD in My Computer.

      • DanceBabe says:

        ok thanks will i be able to un install it if i need to?? if so how??

      • admin says:

        yes you can uninstall it from add remove programs from windows.

      • mikel says:

        I click on Download Sims 3 Pets Full Expansion Free???

    • rachelle says:

      how do i download the sims to a cd

      • admin says:

        if you are using Nero to burn the CD then select the Burn Image option and select the ISO file that you get after extracting the parts.

    • DanceBabe says:

      kk thanks!

    • OMove says:


    • Sara says:

      Which box?

    • roger says:

      how to install that give me a video on youtube how to install the sims 3 pets.

    • Suchacutegurl253 says:

      do u need a CD to downlod the sims?!?!? if so i am gonna b mad cause i need some.

    • aseanique says:

      shout up

    • jimmy says:

      does it evan work ?

      • admin says:

        yepp works great. let us know if it doesn’t and we will fix it.

      • lollipop says:

        Are you sure cause I don’t want to download it then it does’t work :P

    • breezy says:

      it wont let me downlaod the daemon tools

      • admin says:

        just search it in Google and you will get daemon tools free

    • Sheng says:

      Will this affect my Sims 3? What if there will be an error and will affect The Sims 3?

      • admin says:

        it wont affect if you follow the instructions correctly.

    • trisha says:

      i need help on how to download sims 3 pets to my computer memory

    • andrei says:

      ba cum sa-l descarc

    • kalpesh says:

      hey buddy do u have age of empire and rise of rome full game
      i m searching 4 it like a mad dog
      plz reply me

    • Dayshim says:

      Daemon tools will not install for me. Is it absolutely necessary to download that? Because im stuck and dont know what to do. Please help asap

      • admin says:

        no you can use other software’s like magicISO or powerISO. Anything that lets you mount a ISO file can be used.

  2. carlosandre says:

    very good i love sims ……

  3. southern says:

    tnkz. made me so happy..

  4. iSeed says:

    Thanks..! Girlfriend will love this. =)

  5. cazzman says:

    Awesome! Im a guy but I love this game, best ever. Thanks for this one.

  6. Asgard says:

    thnx :D

  7. Khlak says:

    Thanks :) loving the new pets already started with the new things included.

  8. cristi says:

    Was waiting for this..thank you

  9. Baleur says:

    Finally Sims 3 is almost at Sims 2 standards, only a Seasons and Open for Business expansion to go :P

  10. idan says:

    Thanks :)
    Worked perfectly. I installed it for my girlfriend.

  11. fred99 says:

    thanks man i love the dog.. cute.

  12. BiggyBiggs says:

    Thanks! Downloaded it yesterday and it works and the Girlfriend and I are loving it!

  13. essoman says:

    thx for the expansion. Love it

  14. Evoq says:

    Thanks!!!!!!!!! Thanks You!!! Thanks You!!!

  15. Daaave says:

    Works perfectly, thank you.

  16. barber says:

    Grand daughters favorite anything sims 3

    Thank You uploader.. :)

  17. Alesia says:


  18. bloodlessd says:

    ive never downloaded something like this, usually just movies.. but i m glad i found it here and it works.. thanks

  19. scarf says:

    did as said by admin and voila!!!!! it started

  20. memo says:

    I’m just wondering, is it safe if i have the original sims 3 game, and I install this? Does the game send something information about me to… somewhere? Or should i delete my old install and reinstall the old game?

    • admin says:

      you can disable the internet if you have the original game and you dont want to get flagged bcoz of the expansion.

      • memo says:

        Okey, thank you very much! :)

  21. lizzy says:

    anyone know where i can get just a crack that works? pls…

    • Senna says:

      whats the problem with the crack that comes with this download, it works perfectly for me. If you have updated the game then you can download the crack from gamecopyworld.

  22. kyla says:

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much i watied for this like my whole life thank you bye

  23. armin says:

    veeeeeeeeeery good

  24. ´lalala says:

    Is this really Sims 3 Pets, ? I’ve heard that its not. :(

    • admin says:

      yes it is pets expansion for The Sims 3.

  25. swerv0 says:

    How do i get to the iso for this game? Any help greatly apprecited!

  26. calphalon says:

    open the .001 part with winrar you will see the ISO inside. Select it and click extract.

  27. steamer says:

    Got it working. Thanks for the up!

  28. joedoyle says:

    thanks for the upload. works great

  29. ThaiKatY2k says:

    thanks wifey was asking for this one ,,
    big thanks Uplaoder

  30. 67DFL says:

    thanks followed instructions and no problems so far.

  31. Sally0.0 says:

    Installed Sims 3 and other expansions but couldn’t get it started. So just installed Sims 3and then pets. that worked fine.

    Thanks admin.

  32. rijsa says:

    thanks a million.

  33. repdt says:

    I was always looking for this expansion. i love pets. Thnaks

  34. THNXman says:


  35. EnjoYing says:

    i m enjoying this game a lot even though i m not a woman… ha ha ha.

  36. Sammy says:

    gave it to my girlfriend got a really long kiss :P

  37. AlexW says:

    thanks. tis working

  38. Julie says:

    this is the first time downloading something like this. I got Sims 3 and then this one and installed by instructions. had no problems with it.

    I guess thanks go to this site for the detailed instructions and help you guys give here.

  39. midi says:

    great ! Thanks..

  40. Mindi says:

    do this work ??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • DFGF says:

      yes it works but you need The Sims 3 to play this.

      • mikel says:

        I don’t have the sims 3 on my pc !!!

      • admin says:

        then download and install it first after that install this game.

      • mikel says:

        thx i download babylon and jdownloader …and the sims 3 pets not working!!

      • DFGF says:

        links have been fixed. Enjoy.

  41. Lila says:

    Do you need the original Sims 3 for this to work? My friend copied the game for me..

    • admin says:

      no need of original Sims 3 you can download it from this site as well.

      • lollipop says:

        So you need to have the sims 3 to download this ?

      • admin says:

        yes you need sims 3. Sims 3 is also available for download here. just search it and you will find it.

  42. jasean says:


  43. asdf says:

    is it supposed to take a long time to download from hellshare?

    • admin says:

      sometimes it will take less speed sometimes a great speed.

  44. catwoman says:

    the links say file has been deleted fix it NOW!!!!

    • admin says:

      @catwoman thanks for letting us know. All the dead links have been removed and new links added for download. Enjoy!!!

  45. Jenya says:

    how im can download sims 3 pets. im need sims pets .

  46. catwoman says:


  47. rachel says:

    this is my first time doing something like this and im soooooooo confused!!!!

  48. berryboo says:

    could someone explain how to do this, in really simple instructions for me? thx xxx

    • admin says:

      just go to download page and download all the parts from a single box and extract them using Winrar which gives you a ISO file then you can burn that ISO on DVD or use daemon tools and create a virtual DVD. Install the game and play. Remember you need Sims 3 to play this.

  49. anonymous says:

    I hope it is a safe program,so i won’t have problems.
    Can anyone make me safe?

    • admin says:

      dont worry its safe. no problems with it. just remember u need Sims 3 game to play it.

  50. santi vlor says:

    shume e bukur

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