The Sims 3 World Adventures

The Sims 3 World Adventures

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Download The Sims 3 World Adventures Full Free

Sims 3 World Adventures Is the first expansion pack to be released for The Sims 3, full version of which you can download for free from the link given on this page. For those who are not familiar with the Sims series of games it is a simulation game where you control a virtual sim and cater all its needs and desires. The Sims 3 World Adventures ads a lot of new content to the already great game and makes it even better.

When Sims 3 was first released many things were missing from it which were present in Sims 2 and many people thought that EA has done that so that they can release expansion packs to make even more money. And as we look at the first expansion Sims 3 World Adventures we know it looks a lot similar to one of the expansions of Sims 2 called Bon Voyage. Even though it has a similar theme to that expansion Sims 3 World Adventures has a lot of new things. The game also improves all the ideas that were used in Bon Voyage expansion which it a much better experience to play this new pack. You can Download Sims 3 World Adventures Full Version for Free from the link given at the bottom of this page.

Unlike Bon Voyage which let you only explore some parts like beaches, woods etc, Sims 3 World Adventures actually lets you travel to destinations like Egypt, France and China. Instead of just traveling you can now take part in adventure which is more enjoyable. A message board lets you go on quests that involve going in caves or in pyramids or finding tombs. The time taken to complete these quests is couple of days in Sims time and you get a lot of rewards for completing the quests. The game actually feels lot like an adventure game and many of the quests involve you finding secret doors or solving puzzles. Your success during these quests depends on how well you are prepared for the adventure. If you pack a lot of food and tents beforehand then you will surely complete the missions. Keep reading or go directly to the end to be able to Download Sims 3 World Adventures Full Free.

As you travel to the different parts of different countries you will see and enjoy different cultures like you will eat with chopsticks in China or ride on a Vespa in France. Also these countries have their own attractive spots like pyramids in Egypt or the Forbidden City. After you play this game it will be clear that the team behind Sims 3 has been working hard to give you some great adventures content and add a new flavor to the day-to-day life of the Sims. In addition to the adventures included with this expansion, Sims 3 World Adventures also adds something new to the original Sims 3 like new lifetime goals such as ‘world traveler’. New skills have also been included to make it a fresher experience. Sims 3 World Adventures adds a lot of new content which warrants a good amount of success for the game. If you are a fan of these Sims games then you will definitely like this expansion to the highly popular Sims 3 game. Download Sims 3 World Adventures Free Full Game from the following link.

Download Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Full Free

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34 Responses to “The Sims 3 World Adventures”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. First Install The Sims 3. Then Install this game. For serial number use the keygen given in the crack folder.
    4. Copy all files from Crack folder (DVD) to Sims 3 World Adventures\Game\Bin folder (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

    Update: New and working links have been added today (22nd July 2012)… Enjoy!!!

  2. ClayC90 says:

    Finally !!! THANKS MAN! I was waiting for you to upload it here. I have already download the Sims 3 from here and it worked great.

  3. giantsfan says:

    Do you need the Sims 3 installed or is this a stand alone ??

    • Frakka says:

      If you read the instructions its given that you to install The Sims 3 first then this game.

      BTW game works great with Sims 3

  4. mickyjohn says:

    thanks for the upload

  5. cadeira says:

    my girlfriend needs to play!!!!

    I downloaded and installed it for her and got a big kiss..:D :D

    • thomson says:

      how to download

  6. candicem says:

    Thanks works perfectly!!

  7. annie says:

    candicem is right, it works great.

  8. DRAGON says:

    Downloaded, extracted the file, mounted and installed. Works GREAT! THANKS ADMIN. =)

  9. Krankster says:

    Works like a charm, thanks uploader.

  10. DataCentre says:

    Thanks. Followed the instructions and that worked.

  11. orp says:

    to all, install the sims 3 , and don’t crack!!!!!! just a clean install. Then upgrade with the adventures version. After that, and it worked perfectly for me, use the crack in the adventures folder and enjoy.

  12. jasper says:

    Been working fine now for a few hours.

    Thanks uploader!!!! you get an A+++

  13. diidzhei says:

    great :) thnx

  14. reasons says:

    works a treat

  15. Garv says:

    Many thx to the uploader

    I also added the custom content packs too and it still worked great.

  16. sieg says:

    i installed the sims and the world adventures pack with succes. No problems while playing..

  17. Dawusa says:

    thank you. great work.

  18. claysta says:

    you are FRIKKIN awesome i followed your instructions en voila it runs smooth as hell thank you so much man

  19. Frank says:

    If you have already installed Sims 3 then you need to reinstall it. and install World Adventures without using any crack at first then use the cracks for both.

  20. pha says:

    ty uploader , worked like a charm with sims 3

  21. Krisjes says:

    Hey ive done it and it works!

  22. Kitty says:

    Thank you….. :^)

  23. Արթուր says:


  24. abbas says:

    i like this freegames and i want to instal

  25. banafsheh says:

    thank you I love it

  26. darko says:

    thank you

  27. jake says:

    i got it installed but it loads and say disc authorization failure

    • admin says:

      you need to follow instructions correctly. Especially step 4 which is very important. And do not update the game or you will need to get updated versions of cracks as well.

  28. artdy says:


  29. monique says:

    i want to now to the stuped people cant think

  30. hhfhf says:

    cool real good

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