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Torchlight 2

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Download Torchlight II Free for PC

Torchlight 2 is the sequel to the first game Torchlight developed as before by Runic Games. You can download full version of Torchlight 2 for PC free from this page.  Torchlight 2 is an action role playing game from the developers who split away from the Blizzard Entertainment and were a part of the diablo team. I guess this makes Torchlight 2 game worth a look for everyone who loves RPG games. If we go by the first Torchlight game then we can expect a lot of great things from Torchlight 2 as well. Torchlight 2 free download is just below this article, get it and install using the ISO after extracting it using Winrar.

When the first game arrived on the scene it was a breath of fresh air, Torchlight 2 does the same on the heels of Diablo 3. If you are a fanatic of action RPG games then Torchlight 2 is your best bet for a better experience. The story as with the first game is not that great and is similar to that of Diablo 2. But the real great thing lies in the loot, skill tree, gameplay and environment department of the game. Download Torchlight 2 free for PC then start playing.

Torchlight 2 improves in every aspect over its predecessor. The skill tree split into 3 is a great way to use your skill points. Instead of just letting you add skills in a single direction you now have various traits to consider using the skill points in Torchlight 2. Downloading Torchlight 2 free is an easy affair, follow instructions and you will get it. The environments feel large and give you a feeling of a grand scale this is possible because of larger maps implemented in Torchlight 2. Each map has many dungeons to explore and plenty of enemies to be slain. Torchlight 2 PC download for free is just below, get and start playing.

Torchlight 2 improves the RPG genre itself not only on its predecessor. Torchlight 2 as said before is a breath of fresh air. It exceeds our expectations with all the new puzzles, environments and challenges thrown at us. All in all Torchlight 2 is a great game in the series and the fans of this genre will be really happy to see it. Link below will let you download Torchlight 2 free for PC the full version game.

Download Torchlight 2 Full Version Free


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22 Responses to “Torchlight 2”

  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Download all parts from one box and use Winrar or 7zip to extract them. You will get a ISO file.
    2. Use Daemon tools lite to mount the ISO or Burn it on a DVD
    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy all files from Crack folder (DVD) to installation folder of Torchlight 2 in Program files (Hard Disk)
    5. Play the game.

  2. Brammos says:

    Thank you!!! Going to play this one as soon as i finish downloading.

    • Brammos says:

      Played the game for an hour and damn this is one hell of a game. superb action. better than daiblo 3.

      get it!!! get it!!!! get it!!!

  3. nyker says:

    reloaded strikes again! nice!

  4. Xfade says:

    it works great. Thanks for the upload

  5. MisterBond says:

    Thanks for the upload bro. ur just doing great job

  6. buzzliteyeh says:

    thank you, i’ll play this as soon as i recover from Borderlands 2, until then i’ll get to have a lil play with this thanks!

  7. Skeet says:

    Awesome game!

    • benji boy says:


  8. bradeh says:

    thanks for the upload
    time to give this a blast see if the diablo 3 critics have a leg to stand on or not, or they just being petty and not willing to farm

  9. slickmann says:

    thanks for the up

  10. mamamija says:

    Great Game! Hope it kick ass that crap diablo 3 :)

  11. bdarks says:

    How long can the human body go without sleep?

    With Borderlands 2 and this coming in back to back days, I guess we’re about the find out!

    Massive props to RELOADED!

  12. paly says:

    Thanks, runs great!

  13. bluehoop says:

    thanks uploader!

  14. inuyashian says:

    I played it for a bit and I think as far as actual game play and dark style goes Diablo 3 has this beat. The only thing this game has going for it vs. Diablo 3 is no online DRM, but I do like some of its features like stats for gear and attribute points old school style. In the end though it’s just not enough, and comes off as a lil bit too generic.

  15. skoobiedawg says:

    10/10 game. This is what diablo 3 should have been. Maybe blizz will learn a lesson from this little company. Thanks you

  16. Asachan says:

    Just like to add, the reason its better than diablo 3 is becuase the people that made diablo 2<< made torchlight series. The original was awesome, now they give us multiplayer over LAN as well as internet ^^

  17. H31180Y says:

    thx much :)

  18. SiriusB says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been looking forward to this game.

  19. tealc says:

    Sweet game plus co-op Win Win!

  20. phoketztight says:

    thanks for the up

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